Aston Villa v Newcastle United - Premier LeagueAfter the decent perfomance but disappointing result against FC Metalist, the sense of injustice has flowed from Alan Pardew and his players.

Moussa Sissoko has been one of those players talking up Newcastle’s chances in the return leg;

“There’s a sense of injustice in the team because of those (disallowed) goals.

Obviously it wasn’t good for us when the ‘goals’ were wrongly disallowed but referees can make mistakes.

It happens and you can’t allow it to affect you too much.  The positive thing is that it hasn’t cost us the tie, we just have to do what we need to when we get another chance in the away leg.

Hopefully the goals will come in the Ukraine”.

Unfortunately, with the timing of the match only two and a half days before United face Southampton, combined with Newcastle’s league position, I find it hard to imagine Sissoko getting the opportunity to personally help us into the last sixteen.

In the cold light of day I can’t see a player like Sissoko who obviously puts so much into every match and is already looking pivotal to the rest of our season and beyond, being selected to play in the Ukraine.

It will be interesting to see who makes the starting eleven and the possibility of who won’t even travel.

If I had to second guess what will happen, I would name these four players not to be involved and maybe not even make the journey – Cabaye, Sissoko, Cisse and Santon.


temperamentalan 5pts

If Anita thinks they played well and tried against Leicester then he should be sacked for impersonating as a  proffesional footballer.

toontom68 5pts

If that was them trying their best then we are in massive trouble!


Alsteads 5pts

Senior player???? .......Really??? I'd struggle to put the word player in any sentence with these pathetic excuses

toonrobbybobson 5pts

Its just such a badly lopsided squad not just in their ages, positions but also abilities, leadership, english speaking and intelligence.

They want to hang their heads in shame as this was coming a mile off when the board thought they were being clever. Its coming home to roost and you cant just magically turn it around in one window.

City to get to champions had to invest window after window and took pain for their first few signing a few trophies to turn the ship around. We arent going for titles but with values rocketing of players it would probably take very similar to turn this juggernaut around.

We are an absolute mess and the soul has been ripped out of the club now. Too little too late. What happens when a business man who doesnt understand what being a football fan is takes over a great club and has a different mindset/affinity to everyone of its fans.

I will state again though this aint maccas fault and under ashley if he went it would only be worse coming in...

Hughie 5pts

Anita played better than most in his very limited capacity, but the inability of most of this team to pass to a team-mate, to tackle back , to fight, is blindingly obvious. As others say Anita is deluded-- the team was pathetic and on the back foot from kick off, and Tiote going off was no excuse other than to show how bare the cupboard is and how inadequate and inflexible these players are.. Apart from their lack of ability and football intellegence, however well the coaches set these people up this repeated myth about "training well" stands for nowt if their attitude is  wrong in matches. They need a Nolan to shout at and organise them. The team is full of prima donnas like Sissoko and Mitrovic who couldn't give a toss, believe their own hype and are nowhere near as good as they think they are. Coloccini is a joke of a skipper , too quiet, too small and over the hill. Janmaat is an awful defender who leaves gaps all the time. A rudderless ship--yet another sickeningly bad season largely because of a rotten recruitment policy and inferior scouting. Sack Carr, change the policy!!! 

Wayne Dalton
Wayne Dalton 5pts

If that's your best Anita you should look for another career

Gaz Lowe
Gaz Lowe 5pts

Haha what in their performances n the results make them think that they are trying??

Demented_Man 5pts

Further evidence, if it were needed, that PL players do not live on Planet Earth but on Planet Football, not even in our solar system.

LeazesEnder 5pts

How do you motivate players who came to a club willingly, whose sole aim was mid table?

A club which doesn't learn from its mistakes,  a club which sells its best players, a club which gets rid of the characters and creates a stagnant and silent corporate entity. A club with a captain who doesn't speak or cajole, a Chairman who hides away from the sun and scrutiny, an owner absent in heart, deed and thought.

McClaren was Charnley's man, and this squad is Charnley's squad.... this passionless buffoon from the Wirral was over promoted and should have been sacked last year after that total mismanaged saga slowly unfolded.....

....But behind this total travesty of a club is one of the most detestable of creatures... a moral-less sycophant.


DownUnderMag 5pts

@LeazesEnder more to the point, how do you motivate players who signed for peanuts with the promise of a golden ticket when they were sold on to another club and have either been stiffled, play with crap players or were denied that very move move??  The club have made a rod for their back and I get the feeling things are only going to get worse unless McClaren goes, the players are sold or the whole club has a makeover from top to bottom and we start to recruit some players with a spine and a voice once again!

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson 5pts

“We have been better in recent weeks, it is slow progress but…people only look at the points."

Should we 'look at the points' we got but didn't deserve (Bournemouth) or the points we didn't get and didn't deserve against Leicester?

If all the players are as deluded as Anita (which I suspect they are) then we may as well look at the Championship now.