MP0001_Mathieu_Debuchy_NUFCYesterday the French President, Francois Hollande, addressed the European Parliament and Newcastle United ended up on the agenda.

North East Tory MEP and Newcastle fan, Martin Callanan, thanked the French President, Francois Hollande, for his prohibitive tax rates (up to 75%!) that he believes may have helped United’s recruitment policy in France.

Martin Callanan;

“I’m a fan of Newcastle United and I am delighted to tell you that we have signed five new fantastic French players in the last month.

I don’t know whether your new 75% tax rate has had anything to do with their enthusiasm to leave France and come to Newcastle…if it did though, I’d like to say on behalf of all Toon fans, “Merci Beaucoup Monsieur Le Presidente!”.

We have already brought you reports from France on this issue and how the prohibitive tax rates are believed by French football fans to be driving out some of their best players; including Debuchy, Mapou and Sissoko, with only the moneybags PSG able to pay enough to overcome the tax problem.

Indeed as we’ve already reported, the French media believe that Yohan Cabaye ended up four times better off when he came to Newcastle thanks to the combination of higher wage levels in English football and the tax issues.

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grantham mag
grantham mag 5pts

I have read all the blogs below and believe the best idea is VITO GENOVESE, this game is televised all around the world, It would be a great talking point on every sports programme world wide, and a kick in the teeth for Ashley and his merry men. I meant money men.

It might actually embarrass the fat theiving b'stard to do one and go forth and multiply.

After 17 minutes we will be 0 -3 down, so come on all fans of NUFC get a grip, show some bottle, fill the pubs, clubs and bars watch the rest of the match and listen to whats being said on the TV.

I only hope this happens, but somehow I think not. Ashley's brain washed the majority and they are like lambs to the slaughter

Pass the mint sauce please its Sunday.

Paul Bozagie
Paul Bozagie 5pts

Frig off man, my season ticket is bar 1892 no way I'm missing it ! Change will worries !

grantham mag
grantham mag 5pts

Change won't come until Ashley's gone, numpty

Jarra MIck
Jarra MIck 5pts

Ashley will continue to do what he has always done put the bare minimum into the club to keep us up, as he is not a football person he will occasionally get this wrong. For all the talk of 5 year plans etcetera has there ever been any signs of forward planning? The club lives for today and keeps its fingers crossed for tomorrow. Like a lot of people I stopped going but I don't think half empty stadiums would bother him as long as the money keeps on rolling in. You can bet your bottom dollar if he ever does leave he will make sure we are in a worse position than when he arrived. I believe the crowd will down to low 40's v Liverpool but to expect the Wonga brigade to boycott en masse flies in the face of what we have witnessed in recent times.

Vito Genovese
Vito Genovese 5pts

Everyone should go then walk out. If everyone does it you will remember it for the rest of your life. If it works and it gets ashley to sell up or actually invest in his product, the team, then you will have been part of one of the greatest things to have ever happened at SJP.

Unfortunately it is that bad now, that should Liverpool take a convincing lead then the bulk of the crowd will just turn on the team anyway and the ground will empty.

Do the minutes applause on 17minutes then walk, fully televised, broadcast to the world!

Walk out if you love the Toon!

PhilYare 5pts

@Vito Genovese I honestly think the people who won't be there love the toon more than anybody who decides to take their seat in the ground. 

Vito Genovese
Vito Genovese 5pts

I understand what you are saying but Newcastle's most devoted fan may well have never missed a game for 30 years whereas the second most devoted fan might not have set foot in the ground since KK left but has still managed to watch every game or vice versa.

People are creatures of habit and habits are hard to break but if a visible 20k can summon up the strength to walk then another 10k might just join them and you can guarantee when the world is watching and commenting the atmosphere around the city and pubs will be electric. Just like it used to be in the ground!


mirandinha9 5pts

It seems we've got a consensus that we shouldn't be going to the match, though, why do I feel that come the weekend 50,000 will turn up? Is it because the Mag readers are hardened souls who actually would take a stand or do people simply don't walk the walk when it comes to it. Cashley came out of his hole, providing his Sky TV interview, when he last feared a fans revolt, seeking to get deluded souls into buying season tickets for this season and thus, I do personally feel not turning up would begin to affect his intentions. Relegation would also help and influence the future. A couple of seasons in the Championship, integrating some Geordies into the team would be far preferential than what is currently been served up, particularly if it precipitates Cashley's departure.

ourlad 5pts

This is the game to miss after continuous shtie from an embarrassing team that's leaking goals galore.

Eight in 2 games and its on a prime tv slot.

Lets show Enngland we the supporters have had enough of watching rubbish week in week out.

Keep away and go on strike untill Ashley does something about it.

Give it a go and put the money away for Christmas and not into Ashley's bank.

It will be a good talking point come Sunday night.

It will be hard to do, but we must show him enough is enough.


the mugpie circus is off and running again give Mcwally a chance he is turning things around what do you expect from a little club a top 6 finish in the premier league get a life mugpies keep dreaming ftm 6 in a row going to be 7 cant wait

Jezza_NUFC 5pts

@pakitospanishgeordie @DELUDED MUGPIES Ha ha the very fact that he is coming on to our site shows that we are not "a little club". If we were, fans of other clubs would not feel the need to come on our forums to try and wind us up.

NottsToon 5pts

I was a huge advocate of boycotting last season, but now Emperor Nero (Ashley) has clearly decided to let Rome burn it seems that all we can do is wait for the fat tw@t to have his fill and then pick up the pieces. I honestly believe that he has gone kamikaze now and is actively seeking the ruination of the football club.

For those who point to the money spent in the summer they should remember that a key characteristic of a business heading into administration is spending like there's no tomorrow.

v0ices 5pts

@NottsToon and it was money sitting in the clubs accounts not a penny out of ashleys pocket.

Jezza_NUFC 5pts

@v0ices @NottsToon Yes and only a fraction of the money the club has raked in since Ashley's arrival. We should and could have been spending that kind of money every summer.

scottpaige 5pts

A empty st James would be a talking point and may get some reaction at the club. But let's face it as much as id love it to happen it just won't. But personally will Ashley change????. He's had best part of 10 yr to change and he hasn't !!!!!!. The club still makes money and that's all he is interested in.

scottpaige 5pts

Totally agree. But only sad part is I think if we go down I don't think we would bounce straight back up to premier league like the last time.

Giimps 5pts

@scottpaige the money made by NUFC pales into insignificance compared to the trebling of his net worth due to the worldwide advertising generated by our club.

We need to be relegated to stand a chance of getting rid of the owner IMHO ,even then he may just stay in the hope of getting back to the premier league.

Jezza_NUFC 5pts

@scottpaige Agreed. There's no Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan to get us promoted this time. We are more likely to go down to the third division.

howaymebonnylads 5pts

i think we should be targetting a game where tickets haven't started to be sold yet.  Man Utd on a Tuesday night maybe when tv dictated a change.  plenty of time to drum up support and get the message out in a more constructive and planned manner instead

temperamentalan 5pts

Why do people repeatedly buy season tickets under the present sjp regime. Why not buy a match day ticket instead? That way you can boycott until things get better.

magpiefifer 5pts

I haven't been to SJP for 3 seasons (an ex-season ticket holder) and won't be back until Ashley goes.

Yes,I could understand the mantra of support the team not the regime - but seeing what is happening on the pitch why do players who don't seem to give a stuff deserve our support!?

Time for many more fans to let their feet do the talking!!!

Oldbilly 5pts

I have not been to a match infers because Ashley. The problem is the players, they will get the message if there are no fans backing them, you have to stay away.

KevinChristie 5pts

Agree 100%. Scary levels of ineptitude on display in the last two games. Something needs to be done to try and arrest the slide.

DavidDrape 5pts

@KevinChristie i used to think ashley will stick with mclaren at least until the end of the season but money is at stake so say never say never regards ashley bringing in a new man - but it will have to be a high profile name along with another spending spree in january. over to you ahsley? how much are you worrying about losing millions in advertising?

TonnekToon 5pts

As with most ,I'd love to go back, but I've better things to do with my time and money. Plus I'd actually feel embarrassed sitting there knowing I'd contributed to lining his pockets , for me  a No-No as things stand at the minute  . It's their choice of course but people have to try to stay away, it may be the only thing that makes the FCB sit up and take notice .

Demented_Man 5pts

Totally agree with the article.  The time to do this is now, before it dawns on people that Newcastle are likely to be relegated.  Once that happens, we'll be brainwashed with the usual "the lads need your support now more than ever" claptrap from the club, media sycophants and Ashley apologists.

Benny Kristensen
Benny Kristensen 5pts

Can anyone thinking of going even contemplate that they will enjoy it? , i can 99% guarantee we will get thrashed, out fought, out thought poor tactics worse execution, same old same old.

So if you support the Toon it's pretty much a given you will have a shoite day, and pay £30-£60 for the privilege even before a few beers to ease the pain. That's a lot of money to pay for a ruined Saturday in the rain.


Jezza_NUFC 5pts

@Benny Kristensen Agreed. Any Newcastle fan going to the Liverpool game is going to pay a lot of money for an incredibly painful experience. You'd have a lot more fun throwing away £30 to £60 on a street corner and watching people scrapping for it.

A lex
A lex 5pts


"Support the team, not the regime" = 50,000 people still filling SJP = has there been any change / improvement? = resounding NO!


"Stay away" = as few as possible in SJP = can it bring about change / improvement? = we don't know.

But, what IS certain, is that by continually doing 1), we aren't going to help. So, come on, give 2) a go this weekend.

MrDolf 5pts

The problem is that there's no organised notice. People who don't have season tickets will have paid for the match and some of them may be taking kids etc. it's not reasonable to tell a little kid that he can't go to a match he is (unwisely) dead excited about for reasons he won't understand. You've also got the boost to the attendance of plastic Liverpool fans to contend with.

There's definitely a need to protest but it needs to be more telegraphed than this and suitable for everyone

v0ices 5pts

well said but pointless the idiots will still turn up the complain and whinge. Repeating the same thing expecting a different result is one of the definitions of insanity.  The people still attending must be either happy or insane.

Giimps 5pts

@v0ices or hoping beyond hope that something will be better this game........I am one who was going to the games but after 40 years ....enough is sick of being taken for a mug, sick of being in a bad fettle when we inevitably lose.......even worse is the fact that once in a few games, there is a beam of light through the gloom and darkness to suck you back longer.....this is my last, i will probably renew my ticket once the owner is gone and we have someone who wants to be succesfull and allows the club to generate its own funds, someone who wont just use our great club as a huge advertising hoarding.........someone with ambition and the sight needed to invest to recoup, who isnt scared of getting experience in in case they rock the boat......i wold pray for that day if i thought someone was there to listen

Benny Kristensen
Benny Kristensen 5pts

@Giimps @v0ices I just want an owner/board that will run the club like Southampton or West Brom Or Swansea or Stoke, a board that will move heaven and earth to stay in the top flight buying good players regardless of their age, capable of performing to a decent mid table/lower top ten standard. That would do me after 8 years of this torture.