Newcastle United v Chelsea - Premier LeagueWhat should be Newcastle’s ambitions for the rest of this season, what is realistic for the team in the remaining dozen Premier League matches?

Newcastle United currently stand on 27 points after 36 matches and last season 37 points was enough to stay up and 47 points sneaked West Brom into the top half, while top six saw Chelsea in sixth on 64….

I’ve gone through the matches as honestly as possible and it came up with an interesting outcome.

Southampton (H) – WIN
Swansea (A) – DRAW
Stoke (H) – WIN
Wigan (A) – WIN
Manchester City (A) – LOSE
Fulham (H) – WIN
Mackems (H) – WIN
West Brom (A) – LOSE
Liverpool (H) – DRAW
West Ham (A) – DRAW
Arsenal (H) – DRAW

So out of our last 12 matches  I have us to win 6, draw 4 and lose 2.

Especially as Newcastle fans we know how unpredictable our team can be and the surprises that are often thrown up in football  and before the summer transfer activity I’d have been knocking a fair few points off my prediction.

However, the new signings have added real quality plus brought better performances out of some of our established players.

My predictions would bring another 22 points, giving Newcastle 49 at the end of the season which would pretty much guarantee top ten.

I think starting off with three points from Southampton is crucial and then the team can go on from there, especially if Ben Arfa comes back later this month.

Top ten would give us a bit of respectability and a few quid in my back pocket as I’m backing my judgement at the 3/1 to finish top ten on offer, to see the full betting list on finishing top ten go here.

Top Tip
Newcastle United To Finish Top Half 3/1

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North East corner
North East corner

Look after the last couple of years we are all reviewing our arrangements concerning our commitment to the club. Many have decided not to renew some are waiting to see what happens in the close season. My decision in January was to renew for another year on the '10 year deal' but another fiasco like this year and another 'no show in the FA cup and it was 3 strikes and out and that would be it for me. The club realise they are losing a degree of control as supply now exceeds demand as far as match tickets are concerned it will be interesting to see what the response will be from them. The appointment of head coach will give some indication what might be in store this space


I think this just talk off big Al as the lads he goes with from the pub I drink in and the owner off that pub are still going but just not chipping in for the seasons box because its to expensive to watch shyte so its just a seat in the stand for them this season ,,, black bull.barrack road

wor monga
wor monga

Another Smithfield ‘exclusive’…massive panic here…the sky is falling again…Big Al’s boycotting, he’s disgusted and won’t be going to the match any more …

Ah…but hang on…turns out it’s more down to his Match of the Day commitments…he still loves the Toon!!

… and probably closer to the truth that his mates only need the box anyway…because he would be there with them. 


Where does it say hes considering boycotting? His mates are "not up for paying for the box" but he cant get to every game cos of match of the day..

"if I do get a Saturday or Sunday off and I can go then I do love going.”

Kevin Halliday
Kevin Halliday

Oh, nice one Alan. Great news this but what took him so long. Not a dig at all.


No he isn't, can you read?