GEN0002_Pierre-Emerick_Aubameyang_NUFCNewcastle target, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, has said that he believes that St.Etienne will be looking to cash in on him in the summer.

In an interview with beINSport over in France the striker said;

“Everything has been exaggerated a little. I said I’d not leave during the winter transfer window and then see what develops.

The club can do some good business (in the summer) with me and I think they will want to sell me”.

These latest comments from the player come after he was reported as saying he needed a ‘new challenge’ (see our article Newcastle Strike Target Says He Wants Move which also contains video footage of a cracking Aubameyang goal).

In the January window there was intense speculation that Newcastle wanted the striker and St.Etienne released this official statement;.

Official Statement – Association Sportive de Saint-Étienne

After rumours about a possible departure of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang  to Newcastle published today in several media, AS Saint-Etienne wishes to clarify that the player, his agent and club officials have declined by mutual agreement all proposals that have been submitted so far.

Recognizing the importance of the challenges facing the ASSE until the end of the season, Pierre Aubameyang Emercik has always shown a desire to complete the sports project at the expense of financial aspects.

It certainly seems as though both club and player are preparing for the striker to leave this summer, with Newcastle desperate to add another striker it could well be one to keep an eye on. As one of only two forwards to outscore Yoan Gouffran in France in the 18 months before Gouffran joined Newcastle, he could be a great buy.

Matthew Dawson
Matthew Dawson 5pts

Character and attitude, spot on, the players, manager and the coaching staff need to take a long hard look at themselves. If we go down, I fear for the club. The fans deserve better than this

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

They were f*cking rubbish…a disgrace to the shirt…Alan tells it exactly like it is, and the fault lies with the coach…

...there’s no discipline being shown to the defenders by an outfield skipper, and that’s also down to Collocini,  who should be the coaches enforcer, on the field!!.

...We would all have accepted a defeat, but not a total capitulation like this by a bunch of c*nts who couldn’t give a f*cking  sh!t.

...note...  ( * =u, != i)

ArtyH 5pts

@wor monga Yes mate, would have accepted a defeat if we had played well and tried, it happens, but to surrender AGAIN in the same fashion is not acceptable! 

magpiefifer 5pts

McCalamity will take us down if he stays on.

Where is the fight,desire,application!?The work rate is dire - no closing down,not tracking back quickly enough,I could go on.

I hate to predict this,but Newcastle,Villa and Norwich will go down,and the Mackems will stay in the PL - they seem to have the fighting spirit that we totally lack.

This was a car crash waiting to happen with this totally ineptly-run club!!!  

Porciestreet 5pts


Whats needed is the attitude that Leicester showed today . they were absolutely magnificent in defeat to a very good Arse nil side but for a silly sending off, Sad. 

Every last man ran his guts out and tackled hard right till the death. No such luck with our shower of 5h!te.

jack1x 5pts

Mclaren has to go Monday , along with Carr and charnley , a proven managed has to be appointed a.s.a.p ,

jonathanthraxton 5pts

proper sick of shearer me like ye that helps keep ya mouth shut selling out for motd what happend when yo managed

ArtyH 5pts

The laughing cavalier is a dead duck now, hated that smiling interview, the bloke just does not care or know what he is doing, no its both! Taxi for the Brolly!

The only salvation that I can see is get Rafa Benitez in this week, he did a great job a Chelsea last year as interim manager, strange Hiddink is doing the same this year. We need Rafa to keep us afloat because we will definitely go down under the Brolly. Pathetic performance yesterday totally unacceptable! 

jack1x 5pts

There's talk about Pearson or clements replacing mclaren , same old , same old , no difference from what we already have , mclaren , pardew ,,Pearson , clements , carver , all the same second rate managers

Porciestreet 5pts


Sadly , no-one will work for Cashley because the whole world now knows what a plonker he is...

sholasgod 5pts

Yes Mr mclaren 7 away goals all season worst in every lge in wngland. He said the other day our problems away from home were because we played on the front foot he's clearly lost the plot. Time for him to go.

Ring around Uranus
Ring around Uranus 5pts

Go for Gary Monk now.

If the worst comes to the worst and we're relegated at least we have a young hungry manager in place.

I sometimes think that clubs sack the manager to quick, but enough is enough. He's not smiling for the camera cos he's happy, he's smiling cos he's lost and doesn't know what to do or say.

kes 5pts

McLaren's face in the post-match interview, laughing it off, will stick with me. I was so angry after that, like I have been in most away games I've attended the last few years and to laugh about it. Wtf is funny about that you d*ck?

Lost Soul 1
Lost Soul 1 5pts

The team merely reflects the club. No pride at any level and no direction other than to the bottom line. Any business needs a culture sadly ours is one of apathy / self promotion and cynical disregard. Some will cry support the team clearly a one way process. Fans fork out £200+ for yesterday's surrender while our brave warriors scuttle off to their sunny jolly. Makes you swell with pride