YOHAN_CABAYE_POPPY_SHIRT_NUFCThe wind has definitely changed direction in terms of Newcastle United’s outlook on the Europa League.

After a general consensus amongst the fans that the club were just going to let this competition drift away, much as they did with the Capital One and FA Cups.

Now though Alan Pardew has come out fighting and insisted that Newcastle are going all out to try and win the competition.

The Chronicle had earlier revealed that the likes of Moussa Sissoko, Papiss Cisse and Yohan Cabaye will all play on Thursday night, then the manager backed up his previous ‘strong side’ comments with very bullish remarks about Newcastle having a right go.

Pardew also commented at his pre-match press conference that the recent consecutive wins against Villa and Chelsea have given a much better platform by putting a little daylight between ourselves and the relegation zone. The manager also pointing to the post-January stronger squad giving Newcastle a better chance of competing in the Europa League.

If United can overcome Metalist then that would take them into the last 16 and only three rounds away from the final in Amsterdam.

With Newcastle now very publicly saying they are going to have a serious go, I was really surprised to see that you can still get 33/1 on NUFC to win the Europa League, you can bet each way as well and you would get half the odds (16.5) on the other half of your each way bet.

I’m also surprised to see NUFC at a very decent 6/5 to win tomorrow night, I’ll be having a bet on both and dreaming of Amsterdam!

Back NUFC Each Way at 33/1 To Win Europa League
NUFC To Beat FC Metalist 6/5

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mrkgw 5pts

We should have signed him. £15m paid. Done. Simple as.

stepaylor 5pts

If i ownee qpr i would keep him. Anything to get back on the premier league. The money there is all that matters right now. Qpr have a good chance of going back up with Austin leading the line. Im surprised they didnt give barton a 1 year deal too

Cheshire Ranger
Cheshire Ranger 5pts

As a QPR fan I think this article is spot on, the club have signed some good players during the transfer window, there is a very good chance we will be in the mix for promotion again this year. Of course if we do go up we will almost certainly be in in the relegation battle again next season.

mactoon 5pts

So what is the worst that can happen for QPR?

They could have had £12 million for him and bought a decent striker for half that. Now they will get half the £12 million in January when he realises he isn't featuring in any England squads or nothing in the summer. It's simple maths

QPR Jeff
QPR Jeff 5pts

He's a steal at £15 mill. Delighted he's still a Hoop for now. 20+ goal championship strikers are going for £10 mill plus and he's done it in the Prem. Could cost maclaren his job...how much was the crazy fella who can't stay on a pitch for 90mins???

mentalman 5pts

The biggest problem for qpr is the ffp rules which they are breaching by keeping their highest paid players. They can't sustain the likes of charlie who is reportedly paid 85k per week, with others on similar wages to.

v0ices 5pts

@mentalman but they can for a year because of parachute payments they are gambling on a fast return.  

QPR Jeff
QPR Jeff 5pts

Sensible article at last from North East. QPR offloaded about 17 players, most high earners. Austin is not one of them, signed when cutting costs in the championship last time. He's on about £25k per week. QPR previously stated they want him on a new contract, he can double his wages and stay or wait and treble them on a free. He's come from non-league and has a good attitude so good luck to him whichever. NUFC never even made an offer, if he’s going cheap or free will likely opt for a London club, not in relegation zone...

Mal44 5pts

@QPR Jeff  If you get promoted then the gamble of not selling will have paid off, even if he goes on a free at the end of the season. I can't see him signing a new contract though as it's clearly in his interests now to run down his present one and pick up a massive signing on fee (not to mention higher wages) with a new club, providing of course he's continued to bang them in. Give Austin his due though, he has acted very professionally. Best of luck on getting promotion; if you manage it you'll be able to afford a good replacement anyway.

I don't believe the stuff about him only signing for a London club; I think he'll be open on that score. Which London clubs do you think won't be in the relegation zone by the way? :)

LeazesEnder 5pts

Why have we had the Austin story shoved down our throats by the Chronicle every day of summer, the only reason we are fed up with it  is because of Ryder and the Chronicle if they had mentioned the link a few times fair enough but the overkill page fillers day after day after day....