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Hetton Mag
Hetton Mag

I think you are onto something here. if the prem were made up of another dozen clubs with the same lack of desire as Ashley Disunited would would that mean for their "product"? Would that produce a world wide audience and mega bucks in TV revenue? The prem already is starting to lack real competition top 6 bottom 6 and the rest is fairly static each season. £100m or whatever for being last may well tempt a few more Ashleys so the EPL needs some rule about actively competing and a panel to make a judgement on that to keep it legally tight. Horrible afternoon in prospect and how I hate the whole lot owner, manager players for putting me in the position of not knowing if l want relegation- F Cashley for his arrogance and lack of investment or even thought or another season of misery. Tough call.


Exactly. it's not rocket science and the plain fact is, under Ashley we are now a club which competes for nothing at all except PL survival in order to turn a profit for him and advertise SD.

I'd even suggest at times it's hard to blame most players, as they simply aren't good enough to compete consistently in the PL. Carver, Geordie or not, is completely out of his depth and falls into the same category.

But there has been no intervention to address these issues, the plan is simply to carry on in the same manner and expect us all to keep turning up and paying to watch this nothingness.

If a Club can be fined for fielding an under-strength side and not taking competitions seriously - how does the FA allow Ashley to get away with not competing for anything at all? That is the official blueprint and has been publicly stated several times.

Fit and proper owner? He's a Cancer on football. 


Totally agree with your Post.

I would never wish for us to get relegated but would not be bothered if we did.

The passion & soul have been torn out of the Club, Players & most importantly the Fans.

There's only one man to blame for this and can only hope if relegation does come today he will leave us for pasture's new.