DannySimpson3It has emerged this morning that Danny Simpson got into a ‘bit’ of bother on a night out back in his Manchester homeland.

It is reported that Simpson got into a scuffle in a takeaway at around 4am on Sunday.

The Sun’s exclusive includes disturbing video footage of Simpson lying apparently unconscious on the roadside, although a spokesman for Simpson claims the player will be at training today.

The newspaper claims that

‘Witnesses said the Newcastle defender hit the man, in his late 40s or 50s, knocking him to the ground. Simpson then left the takeaway, climbed into a taxi, but was then dragged out by another man and punched’,

It is reported that Simpson lay bleeding and unconscious for around 15 minutes until Paramedics attended and rushed him to hospital.

It is claimed that it was two bouncers who rushed over and opened the taxi door, with one of them punching the player in the face.

The Ambulance service later confirmed a man had been taken to hospital and Manchester Police also confirmed they’d attended after reports of an assault.

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Happyharrys2011 5pts

It's a tough life for these people no doubt, and very sad to see these images of dead children on the beach, but our country needs to get its own house I order befor we take on other countries problems. If they really are refugees seeking asylum why do they travel through all of the other countries before they get here?

It's for economic reasons pure and simple!

So unfortunately I have no sympathy for these so called asylum seekers who have come through another country first!

Yes they need help, yes they need to be out of Syria, but if they are seeking asylum why bypass all these other countries when they have asylum there?

grahame49 5pts

I live in Byker and its a mixed old bag of races religions etc, on a match day if your in black and white your one of us. im a 50 year old dad, granda and all I wanted to do was cuddle and kiss that young bairns forehead when I seen that picture of him alone washed up on the beach.

LeazesEnder 5pts

I blame William Hague for tagging along behind Uncle Sam and causing the crisis in the first place!

Wayne Clayton
Wayne Clayton 5pts

Do you think that could be the Germans shelling out a few quid to stop as many refugees landing on their doorstep? After Angela Merkel had a proper hissy-fit with us Brits for not "doing our bit"? Not saying it's connected but... Little bit of politics there, my name is "Wayne Elton". Goodnight.

Wayne Clayton
Wayne Clayton 5pts

Slightly tongue in cheek comment @Munich Mag. Just pointing out the hypocrisy of Merkel telling the UK to do more when we have already done far more than Germany to date.

Michael Maximus Moose
Michael Maximus Moose 5pts

Sky news reported today that the British Government, thats me & you have given 1 Billion in aid for the refugees

thats more the the whole of the EU combined, we`ve done our bit !!

WilliamCarney 5pts

@Michael Maximus Moose If I had my say they wouldn't of got that money, that money could of been used for better things in our own country, how many british people are in need of help right now and never get any? our goverment is a push over, we need out of the EU.

WilliamCarney 5pts

Look at these refugee's, the way they behave even at a train station, and none of them will even let our goverment take their finger prints so they can stay and never go back home when it's time too. do not let them in our country full stop.

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

This has nothing to do with football…it’s political, and the sport should not get involved in either politics or religion seeing as it invariably ends up causing trouble between different factions…

...What would you recommend the UK government do though put free flights on from Hungary to Heathrow or cruise liners to pick up at Libya?...saves any big donations falling into the hands of the people smugglers!!

WilliamCarney 5pts

We don't want any refugee's in our country, we have been taking in refugee's for a long long time, even before this crisis started, we already have too many, they nackered their own country so what makes you think we want them to come here and nacker our country as well? we should be trying to get rid of them not inviting them.

RaySte 5pts

@WilliamCarney Mate you can't use an apostrophe properly or spell 'knackered'... but hey, I'm sure you're well qualified to comment on complicated international crises.

Munich Mag
Munich Mag 5pts

@WilliamCarney "they" knackered "there own" country...  i've got a bath sponge with a higher iq than you...

AlanShearerNo9 5pts

Apparently the £730,000 is for 73,000 Syrian trialists. Bayern Munchen have decided to model their youth development program on Chelsea's, but just not to the same scale......:-)  Look for 72,999 loan deals come January......

Leazes_62 5pts

So now an NUFC fan site is being used to promote political adgenda? What next , Corbyn campaign bo11ox?

Shaker_Shakrah 5pts

My aunt went to Germany with her family as refugee 2 years ago and she is doing okay now

it's about the government , The british government don't want Syrian refugees , They just like to talk

as a Syrian I am just really proud & thankful to see !!!! to see a club Bayern Munich care about my Syrian brothers ?!?!?! is amazing

PeterMiller1 5pts

The international aid budget has been ring fenced while the rest of the public sector has had to endure cuts. Syrian refugees in camps in the middle east have recieved over £50 miliion over the pass 4 years. This might not be enought but to compare it to what some other countries from europe and the middle east it's an absolute fortune. Critise the goverment for not taking in refugees but don't imply they do noting for syrian refugees.

Munich Mag
Munich Mag 5pts

@PeterMiller1 50 million over 4 years is an absolute fortune ? Where did you read that one, in the Beano ?