gaotw0099Thanks to Stephen Allen for today’s contribution to our black and white map;

‘Just saw the photo with the Geordie lifting the Champions League trophy and had a look through my photos and wondered where I had worn my black & white top.

I’ve attached a photo from a ski season I did in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It was taken in April 2011 at the top of Whistler mountain with my friend Craig Evemy from Leyburn (Manchester United fan unfortunately). We were the only people celebrating St. George’s Day!’. (click on image to enlarge).

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DownUnderMag 5pts

Great result and even better performance against a typical Pardew "stifle" tactic side set up to frustrate and try for a point.  Yes we may have had some luck, yes we only won by the sheer brilliance of Townsend's free-kick...but this is what has been missing - good team performance, solid defending and that little spark of brilliance to win a match.  No idea what Sissoko was doing for the penalty but so good to see Darlow pull off a terrific save.

Now for a win against Villa next weekend and then sit back and hope the midweek games in hand for Norwich and the mackems go our way as well and we could be sitting comfortably.  Still so much stress to come - not sure my nails will have regrown in time to bite any more!

TheBoneYard 5pts

time for a Rafa 'stay' campaign.............massive 3 points and a fighting chance, 3 points at Villa and a point against spurs I reckon will be enough

howaymebonnylads 5pts

I was drained/exhausted and din't even have to run around after that 90+ minutes!!  I'll gladly take another 2 nervy 1-0 wins though.

jimblag 5pts

For me man of the match is mbemba/lascelles. Very impressed. Karl Carlow and Townsend are heroes though. Good stuff today although I thought at times I may die of a heart attack age 30!!

Aarini 5pts

@jimblag Ah am not alone of the heart attact scare at 30. HWTL!!!!

scottpaige 5pts

I was a wreck coming out of St James today my god. 😂. Doctors appointment booked to see if I have a heart condition

jimblag 5pts

@scottpaige we need a generous millionaire to buy the club, but a more pressing matter may be a generous man providing 52000 defibrillators.

scottpaige 5pts

I'm hardened to our troubles. But my god. This is hard to take. Ha.

LeazesEnders 5pts

Its like watching a Tarantino torture scene...

Morpeth mag
Morpeth mag 5pts

Wow,,, so full of emotions,,, been a long time since I've been proud of my club,,,, Anita looks a better right back than Janmatt, Thanks to Karl Darlow, (couldn't see if it was a pen,,, )

shakey first half and a little bit of a wobble in the second, but if we manage to stay up Benitez should be made freeman of the city,, what will he do if he's sign his own players.

Im beginning to remember why I love football,,,,,

scottpaige 5pts

Felt good again to be at St James today. Not felt like that much this season at many game's.

Hope we get over the line.

The roar after the penalty save WOW

Gordonthetoony 5pts

Superb win today after a so,so 1st half we showed passion and a will to win. Lascelles is turning into a good CB and Anita is so workmanlike and composed at RB. In fact our defence is looking a lot more tighter with him at RB.

Special mention to Karl Darlow, you may just have saved our PL status and Andros Townsend after scoring an absolute scorcher ran himself into the ground.

All in all a good team performance, now onto the Villa where we will need to show the same will to win.

Japanese Sniper
Japanese Sniper 5pts

A great 3 pts but put it into context it was against a side with 1 win in 19 &  overall we are a very poor team

costaricangeordie 5pts

@Japanese Sniper I think this season we've been awfual (stats show it) however if we manage to stay up hopefully cashley gets money in the team (cause of Benitez) and we can work wonders in the upcoming years

jimblag 5pts

@costaricangeordie @Japanese Sniper if we stay up and somehow Benitez leaves and its Ashley's doing, I swear right now I'm turning my back on the club til he's gone. That will be the final straw. We had a few heroes on the pitch today and today was the first time my first thoughts weren't about what a G benitez is, but I need to put a big shout out to him. He's the one getting these guys doing their thing.

Ashley NEEDS to back his man and make this club what it should be.

Morpeth mag
Morpeth mag 5pts

I agree,,, he has been so short sighted on the football front,,,

Look at Man City, they are now making a profit and are in Champions League semi final,, This has to be even more publicity for SD.

grahame49 5pts

The manager,team and fans over the last 4 games have made all Newcastle fans proud again. We have shown you or love for our club Rafa,that impish little look in your TV interview with the BBC has shown me at this moment in time and as a proud footballing man your happy as a pig in #@&@.