gaotw0099Thanks to Stephen Allen for today’s contribution to our black and white map;

‘Just saw the photo with the Geordie lifting the Champions League trophy and had a look through my photos and wondered where I had worn my black & white top.

I’ve attached a photo from a ski season I did in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It was taken in April 2011 at the top of Whistler mountain with my friend Craig Evemy from Leyburn (Manchester United fan unfortunately). We were the only people celebrating St. George’s Day!’. (click on image to enlarge).

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desree 5pts

reading some of the comments below it is clear why Newcastle is in such a mess. Die hard opinions, people vehemently defending their position, claims of being a 'better fan', 'more intelligent' or to have 'inside information' on the real dealings at St James park.

If you are paying 700 quid a year for a product or service that you continually moan and are unhappy about and believe that by continuing to pay for the service and moaning, things will change, then that isn't very sensible.

We are all fans, we all want the club to change and I'm not aware of anyone who is supportive of the direction the club is heading.

If you want change then you have to take some form of stance.

Think of it this way, if you had kids employed by sports direct and they were treat like cr@p. Would you want them to continue working there and moan or take a moral stance, stand up for themselves and quit out of principal?

As fans we are being asked this very question now. Are we as a family prepared to tolerate or is it time for is to unite and take a moral stance?

v0ices 5pts

@Bobbi Flekman @NottsToon i see you crawled out from under a rock to spread your masters word again, only good thing about a defeat is we get to have a break from your accounts.

Porciestreet 5pts

"Proud to be a Geordie"......

Shouldn't that read, "Proud to be a Patsy"......? It's time you "real fans" realised that you are what is keeping the fat 8a5tard at what used to be OUR club.

Come on you lot, If you truely love Newcastle, stay away.

tinstar101 5pts

I stopped going 4 years ago in protest, same time I stopped buying stuff from Sports Direct, yet I have mates that still go on a regular basis and just whinge about nothing changing, then they get if a huff if I try to encourage them to take my stance, then pissed off if I tell them that they are part of the problem! LOL! If people really want change then they need to make sacrifices. Apart from mass pitch invasions before kick off and everyone just sitting on the pitch (resulting in bad publicity and fines for Ashley and the club) then I really can't see any change happening. Unfortunately the average toon fan doesn't have the bottle or the neck to do this, and are content to keep going to games and whinging about nothing changes during a post match pint!

v0ices 5pts

@tinstar101 Its the whinging and complaining thats most annoying then they go hand over more money to see the same helping Ashley destory the club they claim to love instead of just not going.

andewalsh 5pts

Enough was enough 2 seasons ago and still many go back. It makes me laugh how many who still go and justify lining Ashley's pockets with sentiments like "There will never be an effective protest" WRONG. "Those who don't go can't condemn those that do" WRONG. "Ashley has spent enough money" WRONG....!!! These supporter/slaves have Stockholm syndrome.

If you don't want to protest and still go, fine, Just do not utter 1 complaint about those who do 
protest and what Ashley is doing to you. Those who go are keeping the host alive for Ashley to feed off and in many ways are core to the problem.

TonnekToon 5pts

Good rallying call Luigi , but destined to fall on 45-50,000 deaf ears i'm afraid .

Brownale69 5pts

HEAR HEAR!! but afraid there will be full houses over the Xmas etc....and i bet the Sports Direct shops will be full of folk buying the tatt

NottsToon 5pts

Where are all the apologists these days? The Mag was swamped with them throughout the summer (though not during last seasons relegation battle I note), where are they now? Where is the accountant who told us we should all be grateful to Ashley for save Nguyen us? Where are his vocal cheer leaders? Hiding in a f**king hole is where they are, wearing tin hats and sobbing, how could they have got it so wrong?

Bobbi Flekman
Bobbi Flekman 5pts

@NottsToon Notts, you don't go now and never have done. You can't be bothered to travel 30 mins to a match where the proceeds are for charity so don't point the finger. 

You comment every week as if you've been to the match but it's the same anti-nufc drivel. Even if we win, we were lucky, if we lose against the run of play, it's because we're crap. 

Face it, you are not a fan. 

desree 5pts

Notts, I was prepared to give it a chance, you can't argue and shout for change and investment, get it, and still argue.

what is clearly evident from the summer is that

Carver wasn't the problem and the players, recruitment strategy, board and ultimately Mike Ashley are.

Basically the whole club is a basket case. Mike Ashley is faced with a couple of options

Cut his losses and run

or become another Bolton

If being reasonable, wanting the club to do well and trying to be supportive of change makes me an Ashley apologist then so be it.

It must feel great knowing you were right all along Notts toon.

Sickandtiredstill 5pts

A large part of the 45000 still going are new comers who simply have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon. Time and time again it's been proven that the 'die hard' Geordies won't do bu@@er all to fight for their club. One relegation and looking like the third fight to beat the drop since then and still people refuse to take action.

Mind boggling.

Bobbi Flekman
Bobbi Flekman 5pts

@Sickandtiredstill how do you know if you don't go?

There will always be the glory-hunters who think every year will be like 1994, those who go when times are tough are the real fans. 

magpiefifer 5pts

Well said Luigi - welcome to the club of stay-away true fans (before anyone accuses us of not being true supporters!),let's hope that the numbers staying away from SJP increases rapidly.

Fan power can exist - despite the TV money rolling in - just look at how effective Liverpool fans were a few years back!

An empty SJP would do damage to Ashley - so let's make it happen.

Anything (legal) to rid us of the poison!

Bobbi Flekman
Bobbi Flekman 5pts

@magpiefifer  We're the true fans because we don't go? weird! Not every fan can go to every game but it's nonsense to suggest those who go to the match are not proper fans

magpiefifer 5pts

@Bobbi Flekman @magpiefifer  The weird thing is your false interpretation of what I described as a welcome to Luigi to the stay-away fans who are nevertheless true fans! 

I think you should go back to pontificating over finances and leave the relevant topics to the fans who are genuinely interested in the future of our beloved club - not being cheap point-scorers like you.