vurnonanita1The introduction of players such as Debuchy, Sissoko and Gouffran has reminded us all of the level of ability needed to compete in the Premier League.

They haven’t instantly solved all of United’s problems but in just a few matches they have shown an intensity and mobility to their play, that meant at last Newcastle could play at a tempo to give teams such as Chelsea and Spurs something to think about.

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The introduction of our January signings has led to our summer ‘Purple’ not even getting onto the pitch as a substitute in those three matches.

I’m not writing our Dutch signing off but while it is difficult not to look half decent when you are sharing the pitch with the likes of Obertan, Williamson and the Ameobi brothers, our new recruits have surely proved that Anita will need to step up another level if he is to get near the first eleven.

Whilst I have to accept that Obertan can run, if little else, the relative lack of mobility of Anita is surely a massive hindrance if he is to survive in the Premier League. Again, when you are on the pitch with Shola, Sammy and Williamson you are on pretty safe ground in terms of looking quite nippy!

With his diminutive size and comparative lack of pace, it looks a really hard call to see Anita making it, as without pace and/or strength you need to be something special in terms of ability.

Unfortunately, I think some of that Purple paint is starting to peel from Anita as we now see the players we should have signed last summer and who would have meant Newcastle would never have found themselves fifth from bottom.

GORDO1674 5pts

A well thoughtout and factual based article on Elliott. It's fair to say he has grasped a great opportunity.

Krul, has like a few at the club recently, become complacent which was plain to see from the stands.

Elliott although hardly your athletic goalkeeper mould....( remember the 1st class Neville Southall ) is a great shot stopper and is improving game by game.

In my opinion he was given a chance through someone's else's misfortune and he has taken it big style.

Krul has much work to do when fit again to get the jersey back.

Morpeth mag
Morpeth mag 5pts

IMO he has been our player of the season, his standards have been the same in every game, I wasn't a fan of his, but he has changed my mind, his distribution is far better than Kruls (who's kicking is abysmal and he always takes too long to release the ball after catching it, giving the the opposition the opportunity to get there shape back), in fact I'm starting to prefer him to Krul, if only he had a strong defence in front of him,,,,

amacdee 5pts

Good read Jonathan, never was an Elliot fan but this latest stint between the sticks has changed my opinion. I also agree he's a talker and there is the faint possibility of him taking over the captaincy next season when Colo finally leaves ? Ironically Fattie sacked all the voluble players in the dressing room hopefully he now realises they're an important part of any team ?

1957 5pts

He has earned the right to be first choice and when TK is fit again he will have to wait for his chance IMO.

Personally I was never comfortable with him in goal previously, he looked overweight, slow to react and indecisive. I don't know what has changed for him, but I suspect the departure Woodman may have something to do with it. He is clearly a leader in the team now and has spoken with the press more than Colo has in his whole NUFC career.

Philippines 5pts

The unfortunate thing about being the 'reserve' goalie is that you can be World class player but understudy to "World class plus 1%". Take Steve Harper…. I never had any qualms when he was in goal. I always thought that if Steve had got more playing time he could have got an England call up. He was a great servant to NUFC.

Greg Codling
Greg Codling 5pts

I say play till he loses form, revolve, do the same with Tim

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

A good article…Elliot has always been a first class professional at the club, who waited for the opportunity, and when it happened went on to prove his quality. 

...Now when Tim gets back he won’t expect to be the automatic first choice again, but will have to wait for an opportunity to take the jersey back…and that’s a healthy situation for the club!!

MrDolf 5pts

It's terrifying to think where we'd be without this guy's contribution this season, gives his all. I wish we could put his SIM card in some of the others.

Regarding the injury, I noticed he seemed reluctant to kick long on Saturday, preferring to play it out to a defender. Hopefully our forthcoming enforced break will help with any healing needed

amacdee 5pts

@MrDolf We'd be at least three points worse off for sure.