AlanPardew2I don’t think there was anything more that Alan Pardew and his team could have done last night, I really felt sorry for them at the end of the match and especially Pardew when he had to face the cameras afterwards.

The manager had put his best team out, they’d got the better of a very good team over the ninety minutes and only poor match officials, bad luck and the odd bit of poor finishing meant that Newcastle won’t be taking at least a two goal lead to the Ukraine.

Alan Pardew post-match;

“I can’t play all of the team on Thursday and then all of the team against Southampton, we just aren’t going to have the energy.

I’m going to have to make changes, either in the second leg of this, or in the Premier League game.

I need to get that right because I’m really desperate to go through, even more so with those two decisions going against us.

The last thing you want to do is look back at the end of the tie and say we should have won two nil”.

Sadly I think that is exactly what we will be all saying because even with our best side out, the visitors looked very dangerous.

Alan Pardew  has said he can’t play the same eleven in both matches and the Europa leg has to be the one to suffer. Maybe if Newcastle had sneaked an extra 3 points at White Hart Lane they could have had made the match in the Ukraine the priority.

However, if you want to argue the point then I can only suggest you look at the league table, end of story.


toontoondp 5pts

Am I the Only toon fan who thinks we seriously need a rb? if janmaat gets injured or suspended we're fooked. gotta be honest and say im quite content with mbemba, collocini, taylor and lascelles at cb

stepaylor 5pts

Current situation is that we don't have the players to control the game in all areas which means Mclaren's passing game is tough to be successful with as it is built around possession. Its the reason why Pardew would look to hit the front man quicker, he knew we didnt have enough creativity once Cabaye had left but the trouble was we only generally played with 1 up top and that person was never suited to being a target man.

Were kind of in no mans land right now with half of a quality team but anyone with any real experience in coaching knows, your only as good as your weakest link when playing a possession based passing game.

From what i have seen of Mitrovic he is quite suited to playing as a target man. He is big and strong and likes to hurry defenders and chase down for the team.

Alot will depend on whether or not we sign Austin. If we do i expect to see a 442 system with Aarons and Sissoko playing wide and Colback, Wijnaldum playing a little bit deeper allowing the full backs to get forward.

This doesn't fit though with De Jong or Perez too well though so i think Mclaren is very torn right now.

Assuming we dont sign anyone else If it was me i would play Mitrovic up top with De Jong in behind. Centre midfield would be Wijnaldum and Colback with Aarons on the left and Sissoko on the right. Back 4 would be Janmaat, Colocinni, Mbemba, Haidara, Krul in goal.






Bench - Darlow, Taylor, Dummett, Anita, Obertan, Riviere, Heardman

Would sell Tiote and Cisse and hope for 12 million and buy Austin and Van Dijk

PhilYare 5pts

i think our strongest line up is 4-4-2









RW SISSOKO (probs better at CM but can cross a ball and has played there for france)



WILLIAMSON, ANITA, GOUFFRAN, CABELLA and TAYLOR shouldnt be near the first team

PhilYare 5pts

also think Janmatt is actually better at CB then coloccini but leaves us with no RB!

NottsToon 5pts

Said it in the other thread, Mitrovic, Aarons and Mbemba looked lively, Gini covered every blade of grass and Anita, Coback and Janmaat were competent if unspectacular.

Sissoko was the worst player on the pitch, Iberian ran around a lot without doing anything, Haidara looked like a strong runner but wear in the tackle and Taylor manager to make Willo look good. Kiss had scraps to feed off and was ineffective, and Krul had nothing to do but pick the ball out of his net.

The performance was flat , the formation tired and the starting line up bizarre.

NottsToon 5pts

For some reason my Mac spell checker correct Obertan to Iberian....weird.

Andgeo 5pts

It made a mess of a few other spellings too. The teams form in pre season is not indifferent to the standards set over the past two years. If you can't defend and you don't create chances you are going to struggle. I really don't get why we persist with this 4231 crap, because it's never worked. The spells over the past two years when we have managed to get results have been with 433 or 442. And I'm really disappointed Abeid hasn't been given a chance.

amacdee 5pts

@Andgeo I agree Pardwho faffed about with one up front and it never looked good because we dont have the pace and creativity that Chelski or Citeh have in their midfield 3. 

It's not necessarily what the manager thinks is fashionable it's often about what "fits" the players at his disposal. 

We're oversubscribed in central midfield yet woefully lacking on the wings, (except for young Aarons who is still a work in progress but the best of what we have) having to play Sissoko out wide or Perez when they could be deployed more positively elsewhere.

So 4-3-3 or even 4-4-2 with the two "new lads" up front but 4-2-3-1 and our lack of goals seem go hand in hand IMO.

Aaran_Driver 5pts

Preseason is preseason very mixed at the best of times for most clubs.

But being beaten by 2nd and 3rd tiers clubs in the USA and here isnt good enough when players should be out to impress the new manager. Fair enough Gladbach are a decent side (top 4 in Germany) but Willo and Taylor cannot be the 1st choice cbs this season.

The strongest 11 havent played a game together yet, can see it being a tough few weeks before the team starts to gel mid September.

PhilYare 5pts

case of the lone striker again, southampton will put at least 3 past us and if we go with the same stupid 9-1 formation we have done for the last few seasons we will score NONE just like today

Andgeo 5pts

Haha! 9-1 formation, so you are including obertan in that one? 8-1 obertan just runs around in circles, so we shouldn't count him really. Bet Ben arfa used to completely take the pi@@ out of Williamson and Tails in training. Well Williamson anyway, as tails has been injured for 7 years.

PhilYare 5pts

@Andgeo aye, obertan is just about the most useless human being on the planet right now but wilo and taylor are trying their best (worst) to get there!

makes you wonder what pardew was thinking when ben arfa destroyed him in training

amacdee 5pts

Actually Joe I thought we saw a glimpse of real quality with Mbemba's cameo role. Nice pass into the danger area and he looked sharp, quick to the ball unlike others in the side ;-(

If SM hasnt worked out that Squiddy isnt a first XI player by now then God help us this season ? Of that there should be no debating

The debate at CB is Mbemba plus one.

The debate at DM is Gini plus one

The debate in the AMF3 is De Jong or Sissoko

No debate up front.

v0ices 5pts

central defender and left back required not to mention a winger. the deluded will be along soon to say what a great team we played etc etc but the simple fact is we need better players.

amacdee 5pts

@v0ices Aye yet the only "likely" signing appears to be Austin ? 

If it happens I'll be interested to see what possible excuses Penfold comes up with when we had all summer to get him "over the line" ?

v0ices 5pts

@amacdee @v0ices he should admit it we only buy players we think we can maximise the return on. 3 good signings this summer but nowhere near enough as notts said sticking plasters.

Newc1 5pts

Bad taste headline dude............

amacdee 5pts

@Newc1 I thought it was funny if not a tad obvious ;-)

mrkgw 5pts

Further signings definately required and fast.