AlanPardew2I don’t think there was anything more that Alan Pardew and his team could have done last night, I really felt sorry for them at the end of the match and especially Pardew when he had to face the cameras afterwards.

The manager had put his best team out, they’d got the better of a very good team over the ninety minutes and only poor match officials, bad luck and the odd bit of poor finishing meant that Newcastle won’t be taking at least a two goal lead to the Ukraine.

Alan Pardew post-match;

“I can’t play all of the team on Thursday and then all of the team against Southampton, we just aren’t going to have the energy.

I’m going to have to make changes, either in the second leg of this, or in the Premier League game.

I need to get that right because I’m really desperate to go through, even more so with those two decisions going against us.

The last thing you want to do is look back at the end of the tie and say we should have won two nil”.

Sadly I think that is exactly what we will be all saying because even with our best side out, the visitors looked very dangerous.

Alan Pardew  has said he can’t play the same eleven in both matches and the Europa leg has to be the one to suffer. Maybe if Newcastle had sneaked an extra 3 points at White Hart Lane they could have had made the match in the Ukraine the priority.

However, if you want to argue the point then I can only suggest you look at the league table, end of story.


mactoon 5pts

McClaren only plays with 1 up front and that player has to hold the ball up to bring in the midfield. Mitrovic holds the ball better and works harder than Cisse. Thats apparently McClarens thoughts on it. Cisse will now get a three match run unless he turns to Perez, who he doesnt seem to rate either

DownUnderMag 5pts

He has scored some pivotal goals, but has also proven that he doesn't contribute much else to the game.  I think a combination of age, fitness, wages and wanting to get the new kid on the block some game time all contribute to Cisse sitting things out at the moment and a likely candidate for a sale should a decent offer come in.  I wouldn't be adverse to him leaving as long as we got someone else in to replace him and the someone needs to be Austin.  The one thing that is clear so far is that we have very little proven experience at the moment up front.  As good as Perez played against man utd, it wasn't up front creating goals or scoring them.  Mitrovic isn't going to be much good until he sorts his over-exuberance out and after that there's not much to speak of and it would be good to have a proven premier league scorer for Thauvin to target...if that is Cisse then fine, but if he leaves and we get an adequate replacement then i'll not lose too much sleep.

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson 5pts

@DownUnderMag  However, there are rumours that Gouffran is a target at £4m for Hull City.

Now that's a sale I'd like to see coming off ahead of Cisse . .

mrkgw 5pts

Hope that finally, he goes. I've never rated Cisse and opinion always seemed divided as to whether he was good enough. If the window closes with him gone, then thats no problem as far as I'm concerned.

Grafton83 5pts

Don't know if I did something wrong. How about when you spat on Evans and got yourself suspended for ages when we really needed you. Or what about the negative press you bring with your multiple wives and underage pregnacies. Theres also the constant sick note thing that comes up every year. I'm not going to miss him too much

armoadam 5pts

Totally agree Paul! Will we be FOOLS AGAIN? I don't understand why SM will not consider a two striker formation. I believe Mitro and Cisse together would be great! There is no connection between the midfield and our single striker, they are usually isolated and ineffective! Evidence, ZERO goals in 3 of 4 games!!! I don't count the Cup game.

Michael Teasdale
Michael Teasdale 5pts

Gobbing on players, alledged bigamy... (and worse) there's a couple to ponder over before we get onto the playing side of things.

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson 5pts

Can't see the logic in selling Cisse, unless a PROVEN Premier League striker comes in. But then again, logic never comes into question at this club . .