Artist's Impression Of How Area Could Look

Artist’s Impression Of How Area Could Look

The matchday experience may be about to change at St.James’ Park.

Plans have been proposed to install the UK’s first public slides for grown-ups next to Newcastle United’s stadium.

The proposals have been put forward by NE1, the business improvement district company, and would see two slides installed next to the ground by late 2013, if permission is given.

The slides would allow fans to ride the slides to St.James’ Metro station and car park instead of taking the stairs.

The slides would be a first in the UK but they are already in use on the continent with for example, Utrecht railway station installing them, the official name over there is ‘travel accelerators’.

The plans have been passed by the Royal Society for the Prevention Of Accidents to ensure they will be safe for public use.

Adrian Waddell of NE1;

“One of the secrets of good urban design is to encourage people to focus on surroundings, to take note and sometimes challenge their views and perceptions of a particular area”.

Tom Robinson of Robinson Landscape Design added;

“Being playful and doing something unusual aims to encourage people to spend more time here enjoying the city. We want people to ride the slides, then go up the stairs and do it again”.


  • Is it April fools day already!? Whatever next? Sherpa’s to carry you up to level 7!!? Love it.

  • Steve P

    Our slides might need to be a bit wider that Utrecht’s to accommodate some of our more, ahem, robust fans! Nice idea, though. I wouldn’t fancy being the Health and Safety bloke, mind!

  • GeordieBen

    I think this is a good idea personally. Would be very careful on the health and safety front though, they could have several law suits on their (council I assume?) hands. Other than that I’d have a go.

    Why stop at slides, what about a fireman’s pole from level 7? You’d be brave to attempt that haha

    • Steve P

      Fireman’s pole – That’s gotta hurt!
      Zip wire from Strawberry Corner to Percy Street?

  • Graeme

    yeah great idea!! kids will throw dogshit or glass down it, junkies leaving empty syringes etc and the first you’ll know is when you slide into it – who’s gonna police it and keep it clean – have the seriously thought it through?

    • nufcdavid

      You’ve been reading the Daily Mail too much.