YOHAN_CABAYE_POPPY_SHIRT_NUFCWhen Alan Pardew talks so regularly about our better players coming back to fitness, am I the only one whose heart sinks?

We are now getting almost daily updates and some days players are very likely to be back for Norwich (or whatever the next game is) and then the next day they might need a bit longer but such and such could be ready for Norwich…

I can’t help but feel that these public utterances are largely to do with trying to put a positive spin on Newcastle’s dire situation and each time Alan Pardew says ‘When I have all my big players back…’ it makes the likelihood of new signings look more and more unlikely.

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Every manager could talk about if only he had his best eleven available but in the real world it is rare for everybody to be fit at the same time and so it is down you deal with it and what you put in place to deal with it.

You can’t predict who will get injured and when, it is beyond your control, what isn’t beyond your control though is to have players in place who can come inn and do a decent job when those injuries come along.

Newcastle do not have those players with very very few exceptions, so it is a total red herring to suggest that players becoming available again makes one bit of difference to the obvious, we need more players who are capable of playing in the first team, now.

Unfortunately, I can hear all too well in May something along the lines of ‘If only I’d had my big players available…’.

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BlingEagle 5pts

Credit to you NUFC fans for your reaction to this pitiful example of journalism. There's still plenty time to turn your season around. Here's hoping you get your Christmas wishes - players fit to wear your shirt and a fanzine blog worthy of your club. Keep the faith

southernfairy 5pts

I am a non Newcastle fan, (Yeah, soz I'm Palace). But you lot on this site are an utter joke and you do your club and it's followers a great disservice. I was at the game on Saturday and on the way to the ground and on the way home I met numerous Geordies who are are credit to NUFC, passionate followers of their local team who shares the highs and (more so recently) get frustrated by the lows but none of them came across like the bitter, sad, vindictive and delusional morons who "write" for this "publication". True fans you are not and it is an insult to them that claim to speak for them.

Polarboy 5pts

The editor of this fanzine needs to be sacked. 90% of the article contributors are fecking morons and they're giving us a bad name.  

breenebass 5pts

i'm sure i have read on here a few seasons ago about how zaha would be a great asset to the toon.

sour grapes do not sort out our internal problems. newcastle fans are lauded as some of the best, passionate and fairest fans in the world where we give credit where credit is due.

articles like this tarnish the reputation of a once great club- blaming other teams players when we weren't good enough takes focus off the real problems newcastle united are facing. please avoid doing it next time we take a hammering

andrewn2001 5pts

Are you kidding me.  We dont help ourselves with articles like this. The fact that  our captain spent more time on his arse or with his back to the ball let alone the volume or lack of commitment from every single one of the money earners not fit to wear the black and white. Picking on a player who was simply too good for any of our boys is like being in the school yard and saying my pa will smack yours.  grow up man.

BaldEagle10 5pts

Great reporting once again. This truly is THE go to place for a decent article. I'm not quite sure exactly where he says 'I'll keep on diving' but I assume it is somewhere, this being the mag - one of the most reputable sensible article writers of all time. I have to assume that he said this somewhere else and that the mag accidentally missed the quote out from their article - and not take any notice of how silly that is, seeing as the article states that this is what he said in its headline.