TimKrul22Saturday 12 January 3pm
Norwich 0
Newcastle United 0
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To win the accolade of worst match of the season takes some doing this year but I think today comfortably wins that argument.

I’m sure Alan Pardew will be saying it is a hard place to come to, important to stop the rot, a point’s a point you cannot grumble…you get the message.

However, there was quite literally nothing happened in this match. Norwich at least had the excuse that their best two strikers couldn’t start, we’ve only got one striker and though he started the lack of support was embarrassing.

Yes I’d rather draw 0-0 (one of our suggested pre-match bets with BetVictor at 14/1!) than get beat 7-3 or 4-3 or 1-0 or whatever but…this is desperately worrying for the rest of the season.

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Everybody tried their best, I think, but as both teams had isolated lone strikers it was little surprise there was so little goalmouth action. There will be no competition as to who is last game on Match Of The Day tonight, that’s for sure.

Positives? Krul dealt comfortably with crosses and made a few regulation saves, while Debuchy got through a quiet debut and Santon looked by far the most confident on the ball.

Coloccini had a stable ninety minutes and was helped by a Norwich team which offered as little as us going forward.

Looking for highlights from the match; Obertan had a snapshot beaten away in the first half and a few balls from midfield were on the right lines but poor in the execution as Cisse ploughed that very lone furrow.

Matches like this are where Marveaux should be trying to lay down a marker but he was no better than Obertan, which says it all.

Cabaye looked rusty (I don’t mean ginger, thankfully!) when he came on, while Perch looked like a defender/utility player in midfield and Anita had a more defensive role today which leads us to exactly who was supposed to be supporting Cisse today?

If Newcastle don’t add at least one, which should be at least two, attacking options to our squad this month then we could well be doomed. Nothing today suggested United have the goals to stay up, never mind prosper in this division.

I could see a plan to stop a poor opposition today but not one that would end up with Newcastle scoring a goal.

Anybody who thinks that at this moment in time, we are better off without Demba Ba, is officially Looney Toons.

Norwich: Bunn, Martin, Bassong, Turner, Garrido, Snodgrass (Bennett 77), Johnson, Tettey, Hoolahan, Pilkington, Jackson (Holt 68)

Newcastle United: Krul, Debuchy, Coloccini, Williamson, Santon, Perch, Anita (Bigirimana 84), Obertan (Cabaye 57), Marveaux, Jonas, Cisse

Unused Subs: Harper, Tavernier, Amalfitano, Sammy Ameobi, Ranger

Ref: Anthony Taylor

Crowd: 26,752

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I think history has been rewritten with regards to Barton's time here. Out of the 4 seasons he was here he had one good season, one disgraceful season, and his contribution in the championship season was nominal as he played just 15 times. He doesn't deserve to be thanked for sticking around because there wasn't a club in the world who would have taken him off our hands at that point in time, with his reputation at an all time low following a stint in prison and his cowardly red card against Liverpool when we needed him most. Far more deserving are the likes of Colo and Enrique. Although their reputation in England at that time most likely would have deterred interest from Premier League sides, they could have easily forced a transfer or loan to somewhere in Europe but they decided to stick around and help the cause.

wor monga
wor monga

Always a solid hard worker who was more useful protecting a defensively weak fullback than as an orthodox outside left producing decisive crosses into the box…

...on Sunday he played the game of his life, and along with his character and courage that’s what we will remember him for.

...Best of luck to him for the future, and as you say he deserves a club that will give him another 3 or 4 years…but unfortunately I doubt very much that will be with us (or another club in the PL)

Belfast Toon
Belfast Toon

Personally I liked the way he ignored Carver during the goal celebration and ran on past him ! 

Says alot methinks.


Have you thought about a career writing for Mills and Boon?

Kevin Halliday
Kevin Halliday

Oh man!. That picture. Remember what the shop-keeper has done to this club, it's team and it's fans. Proper manager, proper club sponsor and JFK and Pardew nowhere to be seen or associated with us.

Broon bottle
Broon bottle

Great words on Jonas, but I have to take issue with anyone praising the players who stayed post-relegation.  I don't thank or praise any of those players mentioned for bringing us back up.  They took us down in the first place; they stayed because due to the awfulness of their performances, no-one would pay a similar salary elsewhere.  Thank Joey Barton?  FFS I remember that relegation season - he spent most of it in prison then needlessly got sent off and banned - and Shearer's comments after that match were spot on.  They corrected their mistake, yes; but the long term damage to our reputation was not erased.  If someone came to your house, pulled down their strides and proceeded to s*** on the floor, but offered to clean up afterwards, would you be i) thankful that they were so kind as to clean up or ii) annoyed that they s*** in your house in the first place? - See more at: http://www.themag.co.uk/2015/05/thank-you-jonas-gutierrez/#sthash.hGdl3r1U.dpuf


@Broon bottle Maybe if they accidently shat on the floor i'd thank them for cleaning it, but viduka, Owen etc pulled down their pants, squatted and let rip with an indifferent smile on their face. The likes of Jonas were getting used to the squad and club, more of a shart.


@Broon bottle I think the endless changes of piss poor management was more to blame for our relegation. Just as this season was hampered by Clueless Mark 2 and 3 as well. Players arent stupid they know when the bloke in charge is completely out of his depth and his gameplan's stink the place out. 

It was interesting to note that Pinocchio gave way to the players for the final home game and more or less told them to get on with it !