Loic_Remy_01Today, Vincent Labrune, President of OM, told RMC Sport  that Newcastle and Marseille had agreed to transfer Loic Remy. The French striker now needs to agree personal terms.


“We have an agreement in principle with Newcastle, it is true, said Labrune. We have therefore given permission for Loïc  to discuss personal terms with them”. 

Earlier ‘Le 10 Sport‘ reported that they’d been in touch with Marseille and so could reveal the following

Olympique de Marseille and Newcastle have indeed agreed a transfer for Loic Remy with the Magpies. According to le 10 sport, the agreement, which took place during the night, would be worth around 12 million euros. This transfer seems well under way. At the time of this writing, the two clubs are still expecting the definitive ‘yes’ from Loïc Rémy – the only thing stopping the French striker getting on the plane to join the Magpies.

Thanks to Pierre once again for all of the invaluable translation.

Finally, Remy’s teammate Joey Barton also put his oar in on Twitter;

Good luck to Loic in Newcastle, don’t worry I’ve told him what to expect. Great guy, perfect club for him’.

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Demented_Man 5pts

You can rage as much as you like, Psychovic's tackle incurs the red card these days.  You just can't run around the pitch kicking people as you could 30 years ago.  You could see it coming as well, with the overly aggressive way Newcastle started the match.

If you want to see a real injustice, look at the tackle Mark Noble was sent off for.

ToledoTrumpton 5pts

Not sure what you are all going on about.

I don't think a PL player can seriously be going for the ball and be so bad that he misses it by foot and a half.

This is a tackle that shouldn't be seen at premier league standard.  If he really is that crap a player to miss so badly, he shouldn't be playing; he is a danger to himself and to others.

This is a total non-story.  My hats off to the referee for having the guts to pull the red card out.

DownUnderMag 5pts

Mitrovic was stupid for being reckless in the first place, but it was still soft and when you look at some of the other tackles that went without even a yellow at the weekend, this is the issue - inconsistency!

Having said that, the ref was clearly on a power trip, wanted to be the centre of attention and was determined to show the Newcastle players and fans alike who was boss, as you said, the more he was given stick the worse his double standards got.  He even missed a fairly clear-cut penalty for Arsenal as well.

Yellow early on to stomp his authority on the game just made a rod for his own back.  Any Arsenal fan coming on here saying we were not watching the same game has clearly been to the same "I didn't see it" school as Wenger himself.  The laughable fact is, it wasn't a dirty game and yet we had 1 red and 6 yellow cards.  Tired of the top teams falling about like they've been shot and still getting all the decisions.  All about the money!

oscarbaby1uk 5pts

Were you lot watching the same game as me, perhaps you Geordies think the object of the game is to put the studs in on the shins,ankles and feet and forget about the ball.. You were lucky to finish with 10 men.

Brian Standen
Brian Standen 5pts

Like Lee Dixon did on Ginola all those years ago! Although it was our man sent off....referees have always favoured Arsenal, it's nothing new!

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson 5pts

@oscarbaby1uk  And who do you support? I'd have had cards thrown at Arsenal players for rolling about like ballet dancers.

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson 5pts

@Brian Standen   I also remember Laurent Robert getting sent off at St James' for trivial bookings against Arsenal in 2003 in a game that was spoilt by the referee . .

desree 5pts

Exactly how I felt watching the game on Saturday. We pay money for entertainment and refs ruin it. Time for sin bins to be introduced?

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

Good article, and definitely correct, as I see it…of course Arsenal are much better than us, the excellent way they play together has been formulated by Wenger over many years…we are seeing a side that’s been put together over a matter of a few weeks, and also trying to get to grips with a new system based on us keeping possession.

...Unfortunately to play possession you have to have the ball, and when Arsenal have it they don’t give it away …it has to be won the hard way, and that means going in for challenges…reading some of the comments appearing on here I get the impression some fans just wanted to see the lads sit back and let Arsenal get on with it, and give us an exhibition of their skills…exactly the way that Mariner wanted the game to progress.

...Sissoko couldn’t believe he’d been carded for catching a foot while running away from our goal…yes foul…finger warning next one yellow, but he who must be obeyed had set the precedent…that Arsenal must not be challenged on 50/50 balls, and the first one that looks bad enough will be a straight red.

...None of our challenges were reckless or malicious…flying in with feet up…they were all niggling fouls even Mitro’s who’s should have been a straight yellow, none of the others were bad enough to be carded for a first offence though…Mariner set out to protect Arsenal from the off against the physical approach of a lesser team…to keep Wenger off his back!!!

manamongs 5pts

Get  a grip Geordies...and stay on your feet; we have the most passes completed in the league...lol  Man City is second, try that against them as well and see what happens.

And when he (Mariner) blatantly ignored Haidara´s clear penalty??

He didn´t just stamp on his foot he stepped on his achilles and foot...You lot must be having a laugh...

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

@manamongs  load of shite...he came down on the front of the foot...the achilles is on the back of the leg

manamongs 5pts

@wor monga @manamongs Ok, do you wear glasses, he stepped on his achilles and back heel mate...does it matter, clearly you saw that legitimate contact was made.  Now you´re just parsing words.

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

@manamongs       Haidara’s clear penalty?...you’re not mr. Mariner by any chance are you…(famed for sending the wrong man off and upsetting Wenger)…the only penalty incident I remember was when Thauvin collided with Bell-end-erin in the box!!!

LeazesEnder 5pts

I was looking forward to a good game which was effectively over by the fifteenth minute, the pre match statements concerning crowd influence by Wenger were not aimed at the Chronicle and Newcastle fans as Ryder thought, they were aimed at this referee....

.... Alex Fergusson pulled this trick on every visit....' the ref will be swayed by a partisan crowd'....

Well Mariner heard it clearly and went out of his way with that first big decision, which in my opinion should have been a yellow and a warning.

Philippines 5pts

Some of the ridiculous shoulder charges by NUFC players would have done well in an American football game. Red card was very harsh but it certainly was a foul, but we got away with a clear penalty also. Lets hope the team learn from this and move forwards to a great season. If we can avoid silly red and yellow cards, things are looking good with this squad.

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

@Philippines       How can you avoid ‘silly’ red and yellow cards…if you get them when you don’t deserve them…bit of a tricky one, that!!

ArtyH 5pts

Well each see's a different game and has different opinions.  My take is we were definitely outplayed up to the point of the sending off, but that happened against Manure and look what happened. IMHO the team are still coming to terms with each other and Steve's new philosophy of pass the ball instead of hoof it. So for me its a work in progress. I do believe we were hard done to by a biased ref and looking at what happened at other games over the weekend validates this. Mariner is a self serving person who has done this most of his time in reffing same as Rennie, they favoured the top teams and castigated the lower ones. There is no consistency which seems to be a recurring phrase over this and previous weekends. Also there should as has been stated a bridge between yellow and red for dismissals. As a club I also think we should be allowed to veto refs based on their bias against us, why, because refs get voted onto the European stage by managers and the top teams managers carry more weight in the voting's. Just my view, all I want is a ref who is honest and fair, I dont want a ref who is biased for us as I want us to win by being the better team and not cheat. For Arsenal it will be a hollow victory, like playing golf, all square on the final hole and claiming a shot under par when it was actually par, thus winning the game. Unfortunately its the same all over for the top teams, do the refs feel they have to give extra protection to the £50m player, a broken leg feels the same to a £5m I'm sure???

Albert27 5pts

Not only are we fighting a cheating team also the northern biast - i hate them nd wud hate to live alongside them.

Jarra MIck
Jarra MIck 5pts

Brian I am as partisan as the next mag but what game did you watch? We were outplayed from the first minute, we couldn't get near them. I don't know if it was a tactic but we seemed to be committing foul after foul after foul some of them nasty like Sissoko's and MItrovic. I agree the Arsenal players did roll round a bit but I thought every foul and every booking was justified. I hate to see us reduced to trying to kick the opposition off the pitch, a la Stoke. Whichever way you dress it up that's what happened and blaming the ref and the southern biased media doesn't change the facts.

manamongs 5pts

@Jarra MIck Spot on mate, not understanding the bias angle with Untied and Citeh in the mix.  If they stayed on their feet maybe they had a chance.

Brian Standen
Brian Standen 5pts

We all have an opinion, but most of the so called experts disagreed with the sending off, so I am not alone in what I say! And you honestly think the referee treat us the same as arsenal! Look at the booking for Winaldum and the none bookin for Gazorla, or the Arsenal player fouled by Thauvin who rolled around then jumped up remonstrating with arms raised, then went back down for another roll around!

Then the flying elbow in front of the referees nose, which he totally ignored!

The louder the protests and boos the more biased the referee became, that is fact and not being delusional,

We're we outplayed? Of course we were, we only had 10 men, but while Arsenal did dominate the first 15 minutes also, we would have created chances!

Football is all about opinions and mine is the game was not refereed fairly, simple as!

Sickandtiredstill 5pts

@Jarra MIck I'll suggest again that the current lone striker formation and how that is deployed will likely only result in more bookings/reds for Mitro. He has no support outlet as everyone is too far away from him when or if he wins the ball - guaranteed to lead to frustration. This was a Pardew tactic/formation and we have stuck with it since, despite it not working effectively for us.