TK0001_Tim_Krul_Newcastle_United_NUFC (2)I would like to take this opportunity to both reflect on the first half of our season and look ahead to the future, a future that looks, at this moment in time, very bleak. I feel as though I am one of the more optimistic toon fans but with each day that passes, I feel the optimism being sapped away, only to be replaced more often than not, by disappointment.

I thought our start to the season was not too bad. A good win against Spurs on the opening day and a few more results that we were grabbing points from. But then it started to go wrong. Poor displays against West ham, Swansea and Southampton have summed up our season so far; no creativity, no enthusiasm and no real effort in my opinion. Decent result against a 10- man Wigan only for those hopes to be crushed by a terribly boring Fulham.

Then hope arrived once more. We dug deep at Old Trafford and scored three against the league leaders. But we let in four, my faith was still there for the trip to the Emirates and we scored another three. We all know what happened next. And so the results so far have built us up only to knock us straight back down to reality. Even when Everton arrived, Cisse’s terrific early finish left me dreaming of a five goal rout. Enter Bradley Wiggins and a useless player who only ever manages to make his way out of the treatment room to score against us.

So that leads me to the January transfer window and a few days in and Mathieu Debuchy arrives,  a class right back to replace our poor one. I was dreaming once more, this time of having the rest of the window to bring in a centre back and a striker (at least), I was built up. It was only inevitable that just a short while later I was shoved back down when our top goalscorer (and pretty much only goalscorer) was off to London.

HMV_Blue Cross_SaleAt this point I’m already down, and then there’s more, our leader, captain, curly haired talisman, Coloccini could be on his way out the door as well. This was followed by the news that all of our goal scoring problems could be solved by a Mr. Jeremie Aliadiere. Good lord. Are we that desperate? This is a man who not only played for the smoggies but scored an impressive 11 goals in 78 games for them. As well as a devastating 3 goals in 50 games for Arsenal, West Ham and Wolves. This was a kicking whilst I was down, salt in the wounds, insult to injury!.

I’m now having my doubts about those transfers. Remy does not look interested and neither does Coloccini. So will we have to rely on Cisse to score another bunch of goals in the second half of a season to steer us to safety? Most probably. (This by the way, is another of my dreams). No new players. No reliable goalscorer. Possibly no captain.

So where will we be playing our football next season? Whether in the top tier or in the championship, I fear a mass exodus is on the horizon. Why would the likes of Cabaye, Tiote, Krul and Coloccini want to be at a club on the decline? Then will these players be replaced? Almost certainly. Will they be replaced with players of equal ability? Almost certainly not.


Squintytoonarmy 5pts

Townsend, Austin, sigurdsson, Damial gray all gettable but not ones listed above

grantham mag
grantham mag 5pts

One two many son, why would any of these players want to drop in to the championship.

Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson 5pts

The hand would be snapped clean off..... You could buy Ronaldinho with that \U0001f602\U0001f602

Malcolm Johnson
Malcolm Johnson 5pts

13 million for sissoko kerching. I sign the cheques round here bonny lad. Ha ha

Malcolm Johnson
Malcolm Johnson 5pts

Yeah I agree. If we can get 7 million as reported for tiote I'd snap there hands off.

Moxytoon 5pts

Andros townsend no brainer, he's available probably about 10 million & get Carrick from man utd let him play in front of the back 4 give him a 2 year contract to finish his career at his home town club

Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson 5pts

Sissoko, Gouffran, Tiote.....not French but still shite!

Malcolm Johnson
Malcolm Johnson 5pts

Cabella, marveaux, haidara and thauvin to name a few

Malcolm Johnson
Malcolm Johnson 5pts

I'll have 2 of what this writers had. Never heard so much shite in my life. Newcastle don't buy players over 30 any more as there's no resale value. And why would a player from a team higher up the league want to join us? That's why were buying poor quality French players and not British.

scottpaige 5pts

None of the above will happen. Tired of the what might be. Yawn yawn. As a season ticket holder id love bold transfer window by Newcastle. But really is it gonna happen mmmmm????

Chemical Dave
Chemical Dave 5pts

Inspirational read this, I've decided to get shot of my Mrs and get Michelle Keegan instead, no problem.

amacdee 5pts

The only problem with all of those options is why would they come to SJP with McWally at the helm and us in the bottom 3 by then ?

Chemical Dave
Chemical Dave 5pts

Cracking read. Does anyone know if the author posts on here as "likely lad" ?

kenhomsbarmyarmy 5pts

utter lunancy, this is FIFA level stuff not realistic may aswell sign messi and ronaldo

Prateek Thammineni
Prateek Thammineni 5pts

Yeah because we can convince matip, rojo and bolasie to join us\U0001f602\U0001f602

tkSteveFOX 5pts

Man, you are dreaming and lots of those suggestions are bogus. Instead of Dinho we could get Pato, but that won't be a good transfer as well. Brazilians don`t tend to do that well in England.
We need EPL proven players or Championship TOP players who have experience in English football. Preferebly wide midfielders(wingers) and centre backs. Mbemba is doing pretty well, considering this is his first year in EPL football, but Dummett and Colo are slowing him down.
Bottom line is we need to get rid of as many players as possible in January instead of bringing so much, because I am convinced that they are bad influence in the dressing room. 
We are better of playing Reserve Team players and bring back our loanees than play - Tiote, Cisse, Anita, Colo and especially Gouffran.
We Siem De Jong, we have Armstrong, we have Ferguson and Bigirimana. Get those players back and give them a chance!

Paul Dent
Paul Dent 5pts

What exactly is the next level?


Selling Tiote means we have no defensive midfielder-unbalanced squad-a good striker is no1 priority, it was only Cisse goals in last 2 seasons that kept us up-Austin must be a priority.

Nastynorm 5pts

Disagree with u on hiadara, dummett is the worst left back I've seen in a long time, an oil tanker can turn quicker than him, all he does is get the ball & hoof it up the left wing 4 opponents r/b ! Would rather see him as a c/h. I can't see many players leaving or coming in in January or a change in management, championship here we come !

hettonmag 5pts

@Nastynorm  Dummett  is Willo in disguise  you either play him at CB or not at all.

NottsToon 5pts

I like it, what's Zidane up to these days? Or toothy fat Ronaldo? That Beckham lad can hoy a cross too, maybe a pay as you play.

Martins is on his way back so why not Viduka and Luque, or Owen?


UsmanManuDabos 5pts

Sigurdsson isn't starting at the moment for Swansea, he has one hell of a thunderbolt of a shot on him too, exactly what we could use. We would stand a better chance of getting Sigs than Shelvey anyway. On the subject of Swansea, it looks like passing on Gomis wasn't such a bad call after all. A good start, but Gomis is horrendous now. Terrible player.

Leemo 5pts

This piece is mad. 

And Mbabu isn't a left-back...

CladderJack 5pts

What the hell have you been drinking today? Was already in hysterics by the time I got to Bolasie for 18m in for Sasoko (frying pan and fire or what) but then you pull out the Ronaldinho thing and I'm on the floor by this time only to get up again and read the bit about buying the Leicester front line ... Oh my god my sides!,,,,