One long-term target landed and a long-term clause at an end as well.

Will Newcastle United emerge stronger from January and is Yohan Cabaye’s mate, Mathieu Debuchy, just the first of the reinforcements?

The relegation word is now spoken freely but what do the fans think about the state of our club?

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The Mag Issue 275 | 12 Jan 2012 | Newcastle United Magazine

Polarboy 5pts

I hope Big Al hammers him for those comments next time he sees him, figuratively speaking of course. Wright is harmless though, he's just a hot headed idiot, it's Keown who winds me up. Who would have thought that Gary Neville would have been the least biased and most professional pundit out of that era. 

Barry J Ingham
Barry J Ingham 5pts

Sets things up nicely for his next visit to SJP.

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

Good article…what does that paid mouthpiece expect when supporters see a decision like that one so early in the game…

...the Arsenal player wasn’t hurt enough to react the way he did…it was the kind of ‘coming together’ (to use FA official speak) that a player would have hopped away from a few years ago, and a booking would follow… was never a red card in that or any game, but he used the earlier offence, Mitro’s previous antics, and the earlier missed penalty…to placate Wenger, and save himself from a howling down by all the biased pundits…on M.O.T.D

Hughie 5pts

Usual unbalanced stupidity from gobby Ian. The ref missed countless Arsenal infringements and should have booked about three of their players for diving, not to mention repeated shirt tugging whenever we got the ball. Mitrovic was a red, but Arsenal were repeatedly guilty of fouling--it was simply more subtle and conned the ref and linesmen. Arsenal have always been a cynical and dirty team under Wenger-- the worst was the Vieira , Petit combo-- hacked down anything that moved  when they didn't have the ball--a deliberate tactic by Wenger and co I suspect.

ChrisMoore1 5pts

I'm also fairly certain that this rhetoric appearing in The Sun is in no way connected to The Mirror having 'preferred media partner' status.  Oh no, nee way, they'd never be that petty.  

Peaco 5pts

I find it deeply offensive and unfair that a man who attempted to break the leg of a fellow professional is paid a salary from our licence fee for second rate punditry and an awful Sunday phone in.....

Philippines 5pts

Good article. Some folks have very short memories.

Paul Willis
Paul Willis 5pts

We should be taking action against cheating players that drop to the floor every time someone goes near them, and cheating refs who know their diving but continue to give free kicks. The whole game is bent, it's getting like WWE where players have perfected the art of pretending to be decked and hurt!

Rick Gillyon
Rick Gillyon 5pts

I must have missed the bit where he condemned the Arsenal players' acrobatics that conned the gullible referee... The man's a clown.

1Flyingmag 5pts

The guy is a class 1 muppet. We're getting lectured to by a 'pot for tossing in' who during his playing days pushed referees, broke into their dressing rooms threw their clothes into the bath, smashed tv's, and ran in front of his 'beloved' Palace fans after scoring for Arsenil and kissed the badge. a man whose vain attempts to hold a decent punditry job will forever more be hampered by his dearth of intellectual strength and complete lack of tactical knowledge of a game he played. 

Adam_B 5pts

Thanks John, I didn't know that he'd said that. What a bell end. Poor soul seems to have forgotten all those many many games when the arsenal crowd got upset over perceived refereeing injustices. It's funny but I don't remember him complaining about this then.......Oh sorry, that was because it was Arsenal fans, not fans of a club playing against Arsenal. I get it now.

Maybe the BBC just needs to influence referees and linesmen to prevent Newcastle United from taking any points away from once of its pet clubs - that seems to be where we are heading with the current atmosphere of punditry.

LeazesEnder 5pts

Has he never been to a match before?

Nastynorm 5pts

Ian wrong ! I demand he's removed from being a so called TV pundit ! He's another one jumping on the Mitrovic bandwagon, you slow any challenge down & from different angles & it's always goin to look worse than it is,pathetic. They should show coquelin (& rest of arse pansies) in slow motion diving, jumping & rolling around. As for supporters being offensive that's called passion ! Marriner was a disgrace but because it's arsenal & you fluked a lucky win Marriner was spot on ! So why don't you do us all a favour keep your stupid opinions to yourself. ps hope the arse win nowt you deluded prick

gavinv1972 5pts

Still laugh at the spurs fans singing  "Ian Wright has got a fat wife"

And he has got a fat wife

Stemcoman 5pts

Arh, poor Ian Wright. Get a life man.

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson 5pts

He's always been a fool and a jester of a tv pundit (Term used with a wry grin).

Ignore him- He's an idiot and will go away.

rob1980 5pts

Ian wright you were so clean weren't you not what about when your boys and your fans bullied ruud van nistellroy you sound like a complete dxxk

DavidDrape 5pts

You can put Henry up with Maradoona as the top cheats in world football plus wenger's moaning on ever since he has been at arsenal. I don't think nufc have a history or reputation for cheating like arsenal

ChrisMoore1 5pts

BREAKING NEWS:  Football Fans Protest in Unison at Referee's Decision!  They also had similar tops on.