MP0001_Mathieu_Debuchy_NUFCThere has never been more money in football and there has never been more money going to people who to the average fan in the street, contribute absolutely nothing to the sport.

FIFA’s latest statistics reveal that in 2012 there were 11,555 transfers of players around the world and that over a quarter of the money paid out on international transfers went to representatives/agents.

FIFA and UEFA have promised to clamp down on third party ownership but as always it is murky as to how they will actually enforce a ban for breaking the rules.

The Premier League already bans 3rd party ownership as they believe it affects the ‘integrity’ of the competition.

However, a recent study by the ‘International Centre for Sports Studies’ indicated that 15% of the licensed agents in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain had entered into third party ownership arrangements.

On a happier note for clubs, FIFA have announced that fees paid to clubs who have players involved in the next World Cup, will see the compensation doubled for their player involvement.

In South Africa 2010 clubs were paid $1,600 per day but this is to be increased to $2,850 a day at Brazil 2014, payment to be made based on 2 weeks before the competition until the player is knocked out.

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wor monga
wor monga 5pts

Ashley can’t just sit back and put up with this crap…MaClaren has to go now, this was nothing like an organised side playing with any kind of system against Chelsea…

…the players we’ve got have to be better than we saw there, but any awareness, and discipline is non-existent…

...If he wants us to stay up he needs a new coach who can give some direction now, before the next embarrassing loss (at Stoke)…and just hope he can turn this shambles around!!! 

Big Hairy Man
Big Hairy Man 5pts

What did we expect? Everyone but McBrolly can see that Aarons is clearly out of his depth at left back and the CB pairing of Captain Chaos and Steven (got my swagger back) Taylor was always going to end in tears.

Big Al 1967
Big Al 1967 5pts

Scheetves managerial record since January 1st 2015 is

Played 48

Won 14

Drawn 14

Lost 20

Therefore he is averaging 1.167 points a game. Lets be generous and say he maintains that average until the end of the season; that will take us to 38 points, which is borderline to say the least. Is the FCB prepared to gamble his cashcow next season on a man with that record. GET RID OF THIS BUFFOON NOW


Only care about since August 15th.

6 wins. 14 losses. With this far the worst goal differential in the league. Out of FA Cup. Out of league cup to a shiiit team. Lost to a Mls tier 2 team. Terrible tactics.

DownUnderMag 5pts

@Big Al 1967 worst goal difference in the league...oh but we didn't need defenders in January did we.   To be honest I don't think getting rid of McClaren will even help, we are going to struggle...if we do stay up it will be because of teams worse than us, not because we fought out way to safety!

mirandinha9 5pts

Significantly Quinny understands the club, it's tradition, it's meaning to the community and the devotion of the fans to its operations. Cashley doesn't ever want to know this and thus, has never financially or emotionally invested into it over the years, thus, leaving us to where we are today. He may have spent money in Summer 15 and this winter, but. That's only because he's crapping himself that he's missing out on next year's TV money.

desree 5pts

penfold must be having a mental breakdown, 80m spent and we are performing worse than last season. The management, exec team and board are completely out of their depth. This is what happens though when you have donkeys in charge of a major business. This wouldn't happen on wall street!

DownUnderMag 5pts

@desree that's what you get for years of underspending and treating the club like a free advertising portal and nothing more - one summer and some buys in January don't make up for that and certainly not when the manager is incompetent.   Big problem was the players brought in simply weren't good enough or weren't what or where we needed them for!

Jezza_NUFC 5pts

@desree You can bet your life it damn well wouldn't be allowed to happen at Shirebrook either.

Lost Soul 1
Lost Soul 1 5pts

In any other club or indeed line of work McClaren would be dismissed. No question. That he won't be merely lays bare the malignancy that grows throughout every aspect of the club. The whole club is a tower of fools and liars all playing sycophantic homage to the Emporer of tat. While we toasted a win over a woeful West Brom Liverpool fans showed how to fight for their club. Even if McNugget is sacked what next? Another desperate washed out lacky only too willing to prostitute their soul in gratitude for a job no other club would give them.

Survival will mean little if history is simply repeated season after season as it inevitably would be under this calamitous regime.

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson 5pts

@Lost Soul 1  It's happened for the last three seasons and nowts been learned. We can't keep dodging the bullet, eventually we will get shot . . .

Morpeth mag
Morpeth mag 5pts

Totally agree with everything you have said

DownUnderMag 5pts

@Lost Soul 1 exactly, even though much of the problem lies with the players, any other owner would have sacked the manager by now and at least thrown the dice at perhaps getting a quick fix to secure enough points.  The fact Ashley hasn't says wonders about both his reluctance to part with money with no potential return on investment as well as his concern over being able to find another yes man willing to take the job in the first place!

50trevor 5pts

Mclaren thinks his special formations will win games but the reality is any half decent manager has him sussed. 

If we are have to survive Sack Mclaren or  play 4-4-2 

The Nut Job
The Nut Job 5pts

Well one thing`s for sure that's Saylors contract down the Shitta

Alsteads 5pts

Don't bet on it! The alternative to giving get him a new contract is having to buy another center half.......if these clowns even have one on the radar!!

GToon 5pts

Maclaren is seriously inept. Now is the time to get rid of him before it's too late.

scottpaige 5pts

He needs to clear his desk first thing Monday. Time has ran out. Judge me on first 10 games.he said.

Sorry Mac u have had time and money and the only thing we can blame Ashley for this time is for employing you in the first place.

Please do us all a favour and go. We are as good as down playing like this. If you any love for this club so the decent thing.

Chemical Dave
Chemical Dave 5pts

"The only thing we can blame Ashley for this time is employing you in the first place". " Only" ? The appointment was a disgrace.

scottpaige 5pts

I totally agree. Nearly 10 year since Shearer hung his boots up. What a difference a decade makes !!!!!!!.

scottpaige 5pts

He won't sack him just can't see it happening

Jezza_NUFC 5pts

@scottpaige Judge him on his most recent 10 games. He has lost 70% of them. Sack this clown now.

Laughlaugh 5pts

Fair play to Quinny. He is the only person that I have heard in the media that has McLaren sussed. Sick of hearing the same drivel about this bloke, him being a good coach blah blah blah. If he stays we are championship. 80m spent - bottom three with the worst GD! Joke!

scottpaige 5pts

Club should give ticket money back to fans who made the trip. Shocking performance


There is absolutely no better time to sack this twit. 18 days until next match will give a new manager lots of time to instil their philosophy. It has to be done NOW! My fear is any potential candidate looks at our defence and says "not a chance."

Pathetic display. Colback for Gini when Perez is sitting there. Now that is brilliant tactics Steve.

scottpaige 5pts

I think he watched a different game to the rest of us. Blokes an idiot

GToon 5pts

Haven't seen it. Did he use his phrase "we go again" implying that somehow we are on the right lines and only a bit of misfortune has cost us the three points. What a clown.

Bittertwisted 5pts

Yet again the team was sent out tactically and mentally ill-prepared for the fixture, with the inevitable consequences. Last chance saloon for Penfold to make amends for his ludicrous appointment last year.

scottpaige 5pts

His post match interview was a disgrace. Still laughing and smiling