YoanGouffran02 (2)It is widely reported that Yoan Gouffran is now in the north east to complete his medical and once again one person is emerging as vital in our recruitment drive.

Gouffran tweeted yesterday, “Tomorrow I will be a new player of Newcastle and I am proud. Thanks to everyone”.

While Graham Carr and Alan Pardew undoubtedly play their part…it looks increasingly like Yohan Cabaye is the Pied Piper of St.James’ park as he spreads the message that life is great on Tyneside.

RMC Sport have reported the following today;

‘A blow for Bordeaux. Yoan Gouffran makes his way to Newcastle and Matthieu Chalmé, his former playing colleague in Bordeaux, is not surprised to see him go, and even less so towards Newcastle, as he told RMC.

“The players want to experience something else. Cabaye, who is a friend, told me: ‘with Mathieu it’s great, with English facilities, English stadium’. It attracts. Gouffran told me before arriving at Bordeaux that England was attracting him, he has spent many years in Bordeaux.’

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Alsteads 5pts

Swap an outstanding young talent with an unbelievable mentality and work rate for another overpaid, useless, over rated winger with attitude?? Yes I'd expect nothing else. let him come to Newcastle get injured and spend most of his time back down London with his gangsta mates and we'll forget about him until in about 2/3 years time when we realise we are still paying his wages. FFS

AmericanbornGeordie 5pts

My problem with this move is not so much that we will sell Perez, but more so that we are going to sell him for a right midfielder that is always injured and when we need a left winger far more than we need a right winger. With Perez gone, Gini plays CAM, his natural position -- and the one he prefers to play. Who plays left midfield than? Thauvin could play it, but is he going to be good enough in January to actually compete in the league? I cannot tell if the selling of Sissoko is actually going to happen or not, but if he stays it is hard to justify him not playing on the right, which is where he plays on the national team and where he plays his best, it takes a wizard to play CAM (i.e. Coutinho, Eriksen, Kagawa, etc) not a battering ram. I know Sissoko has come under a lot of scrutiny for his weaknesses on the pitch, but he is still one of the best footballers we got - and if you want to talk about not trying, watch Thauvin completely give up on balls versus Foxes last Saturday. 

It would be really horrible to see Perez go, as I think all Newcastle fans appreciate his commitment, play style, and work ethic. I guess what I'm trying to say is if any move happens to Perez (without moving Sissoko as well), and we give up the 12-15 mil for a right midfielder that is 1.) always injured, and 2.) coming into an overpopulated team of right midfielders than I am going to be super pissed. We have ZERO healthly, natural, left midfielders at all and the CDM/CB need serious overhauling. Trade Perez for a player of the same value, that can contribute as much or more than Perez has, at either one of those positions and while I would be sad to see him go, at least I'd know that Gouffran, and Anita won't be in the starting 11 anymore, and I think we can all take solace in that. 

Les Higgins
Les Higgins 5pts

Completely and utterly stupid and totally counter productive !!! How much lower and stupidly inept can this joke of a club become ???

Kev82 5pts

The money players can go for now, there is no way I'd be taking £12m for Perez, especially if Townsend is valued about the same. I do think Townsend is a player we could do with but not in place of Perez

Paul Cruddas
Paul Cruddas 5pts

one of the few who have tried this season....stupid thing to do

desree 5pts

anyone else begining to think Mike Ashley should be the next bond villain?

The Nut Job
The Nut Job 5pts

This about sums up the Scumbags that run Nufc

gjbnufc 5pts

Would fit in well then