loicremy1When Loic Remy moved from Nice to Marseille the deal was initially brought to a halt when during the medical it was discovered the player has a heart defect.

However, after further tests the player was passed fit to continue playing football and subsequently completed his move.

When assessing the player for insurance purposes it is alleged there could be issues to be ironed out relating to insurance.

The heart problem is rumoured to be a factor in putting off clubs such as Arsenal and Spurs who have been linked with Remy in recent times.

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Newcastle have of course gone down the route of taking calculated gambles on players who were either injured when we bought them or who had ongoing injury worries.

Demba Ba’s much talked about ‘knee problem’ has proved to be certainly no barrier to his success on the pitch at Newcastle.

Hatem Ben Arfa eventually made a full recovery after United completed his permanent transfer, while the player was still recovering from his shocking double injury of a broken tibia and fibula.

On the other hand the signings of Dan Gosling and Sylvain Marveaux have brought little or no return for Newcastle’s investment.

Mike Ashley looks to have come out on top so far with this calculated risk taking on certain signings, will Loic Remy prove to be another Ba/Ben Arfa?

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Trev Davey
Trev Davey 5pts

Buying only 4 young untested foreign kids at this level, was never going to be enough to paper over the massive lack of quality in this squad. All Ashley has done is penny pinched again, when his and the club coffers are overflowing with cash. when I saw the line up, as last season, I just thought, GOUFFRAN = DEFEAT. What with us and the rugby its been another sporting day to hang yourself by !!

NatTurner 5pts

No win Steve, you fool. I thought we had half a chance at another point until I saw you selected Anita and Gouffran as your defensive midfield. Then I was just depressed, and even our goal didn't cheer me up at all. Complete moron with a clipboard. How long will you be allowed to be winless Steve and not get the sack? Eight is noteworthy. Ten would be ridiculous.

desree 5pts

Great first Half like the chelsa game and every other this team crumbles under pressure. I can't see anything other than relegation.

Mark Jones
Mark Jones 5pts

Oh my God! You must be joking. Encouraging?

Mark Robson
Mark Robson 5pts

"Encouraging"!!?? Are you winding me up.

GToon 5pts

The problem is that we are the record breakers. Any player who hasn't scored for ages, has never scored, team hasn't won away, team hasn't come from behind to win, team that needs to extend a record. Well they just need to play us. The record breakers. The team that makes every opponents wish come true. Not sure if Mcclaren will get the sack. Ashley isn't even very good at that either as the previous two clowns should have gone before they did. Will he wait until the next transfer window when not even I would sign for them? Still apparently the first 8 games have been tough. Was he expecting other teams or something. We play them all twice, home and away. No problem. The order doesn't matter. The effort and attitude of our players does though and it's a million miles away from being acceptable at the moment. See Chelsea are busy losing at the moment but they managed to nearly win against us last week. I think Carr Ashley and co need to have a few serious conversations about the impending relegation. Maybe they need to speak to that Steve Black bloke.

magpie9 5pts

1st week of oct. All we have to look fwd to is a relegation battle. With this defence it will be a battle of enourmus proportion

Jezza_NUFC 5pts

@magpie9  I can guarantee we won't be involved in a relegation battle. This shower are going down without battling.

Timptoon 5pts

@magpie9 I think it is safe to say that with Charnley, Carr, McLaren, Ashley and a pi55 poor squad we won't be involved in a relegation battle. We will simply be relegated - no battle. The utter ineptitude is startling.

Dogg1892 5pts

McClaren, Penfold and old man Carr, are merely symptoms of the problems at NUFC. The principle cause of the issues at our club is Mike Ashley. He may be a sucessful budget sports shop owner. However the model he has set up to run our club, is purely short term profit based and as such isn't fit for purpose.

Until he sells up the problems will remain, irrespective of whether McClaren is sacked.

grantham mag
grantham mag 5pts

@Dogg1892 So true it will never get better, McLaren will end up as the scapegoat, I actually feel sorry for him as he is in a no win situation.