AlexFerguson6As Manchester United fans arrogantly sing, ‘We are Man United and we do what we want’, I wonder where they get that idea from?

I bet Mike Dean and the FA are now regretting their cowardly inaction with regard to Alex Ferguson’s disgusting bullying behaviour. Their failure to act has simply meant that from his seemingly untouchable position, Ferguson now feels able to literally do what he wants.

Compared to what Alan Pardew could have said he was remarkably restrained and merely said,

“I think Mike Dean might feel slightly disappointed he didn’t do something about it. I think the pressure that was on him was tough for a referee to take”.

Ferguson’s way over the top response to this, surely tells you why the likes of Mike Dean choose to turn the other cheek and let the disease that is Ferguson’s behaviour spread and poison the game.

“I was demonstrative but not out of order. The press have had a field day, the only person they have not spoken to is Barack Obama.

It is unfortunate but I am the manager of the most famous club in the world; not Newcastle, a wee club in the north east.

I am an emotional guy but I was not abusive.

I shouted Mike over and we walked towards each other. I was only on (the pitch) three or four yards. That has been overplayed.

The problem for me is that profile of this club is huge.

Alan Pardew has come out and criticised me. He is the worst at haranguing referees, he shoves them and makes a joke of it. How he can criticise me is unbelievable.

He forgets the help I gave him, by the way”.

HMV_Big_Games_SaleIt has always been the Ferguson way, when he is confronted with his or his team’s bad behaviour he starts talking about somebody else and pointing the finger at them.

Yes Alan Pardew nudged a linesman, apologised instantly and took his punishment with good grace. Spot the difference?

While Ferguson’s behaviour to Mike Dean was bad enough, the very public and pre-meditated verbal onslaught on the linesman, that held up the start of the second half, was inexcusable.

His childish insult towards Newcastle as a club betrays his true nature, a bully who is also a fraud, somebody who when he chooses likes to talk about never losing his working class socialist roots but in reality clearly thinks that because Manchester United are this modern day monstrosity that different rules apply to them.

As for the help Ferguson claims he gave Alan Pardew, I hope he’s not referring to Alan Smith and Gabriel Obertan…



I can't understand Shearers reluctance to criticise Ashley directly. Is it just me or is there a rabbit off somewhere?


I don't think Newcastle will get relegated, having said that though I also feel that they look least likely of any PL club to get another win this season, they can't score enough goals, and are conceding far too many! I'm really hoping that having Cissé and Sissoko back will make some kind of difference, combined with the potentially positive influence of De Jong coming back there's a slim chance we could get another win out of somewhere and save ourselves! We have a couple of winnable games, however I think if we don't beat one of Leicester or QPR, it'll likely be an extremely nervy final day of the season!

Keegan Quitter
Keegan Quitter

He should know about getting relegated. How dare he have the barefaced cheek after his pitiful performance as a manager in 2008-09. He couldn't even get anything out of his "mate" Michael Owen to get us one measly point.


You have to remember that a) Shearer only had 8 games in charge, by which point they were basically relegation fodder anyway, and b) the man had never coached before, a great player doesn't necessarily make a good coach, and you can't deny that Shearer knows a hell of a lot more about football than Carver!