OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMan Utd. v Newcastle United
Wednesday 26 December 2012 3pm 

Top Tips
Draw H-T and F-T 10/1
Ba To Score A Goal 7/2
Match Finish 1-1 13/1
For once the pressure will be off Alan Pardew, as Newcastle visit somewhere they haven’t won at for over forty years.

Last season United produced a great battling performance to earn a 1-1 draw, all the more creditable as after pulling it back to all square, Jonas was sent off and the later stages of the match saw everybody manning the barricades.

Asked about United’s chances on Wednesday, Alan Pardew said the only thing he could say when asked about our chances by the Chronicle;

“I would like to think at Manchester United on Boxing Day we can produce a shock. We will have to wait and see if we can”.

You can hardly come out and say we have no chance can you?

Of course we do have a chance but our ludicrous forty year drought does prey on the mind just a little…

Earlier today we carried an article predicting the following;

‘Despite Jonas getting hauled off on Saturday I think Alan Pardew will play him as usual but in a 4-4-1-1 formation of;

Krul; Simpson, Coloccini, Williamson, Santon; Obertan, Anita, Perch, Gutierrez; Ba; Shola’

Interesting then to hear the manager confirming he could be thinking along similar lines possibly;

“I might make two changes to freshen it up but I will have to give that some thought with John Carver”.

One change will be enforced anyway with Cheick Tiote suspended and it isn’t as though Alan Pardew is overwhelmed by alternatives.

All the usual suspects such as Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Steven Taylor and Ryan Taylor will be missing as well.

Manchester United have the likes of Kagawa and Nani missing but with their squad it matters little.

While everybody knows United haven’t won at Old Trafford in forty years, we have drawn two of the last three Premier League meetings at Old Trafford, so there!

AlexFerguson3The way Manchester United took Newcastle apart early on at St.James’ Park means Alan Pardew won’t need any reminding of what could happen if we start slowly again. As always, the longer matches against the better teams go without Newcastle conceding means you always have a chance.

Fergie wasn’t too impressed by their draw at Swansea but as leaders of the Premier League they are clearly one of the two, if not the, best teams.

No wonder you can get 25/1 on a 0-0 draw, Manchester United have scored in every one of their last fifty seven Premier league matches at Old Trafford.

While our opponents have been scoring goals for fun including three at St.James’ Park, including that match Man.U. have only kept four clean sheets in twenty six competitive games this season.

A statistic that tells me that while Newcastle can expect to be defending for the majority of the match, we have to make sure we also have a go at the same time.

Reading, QPR, Stoke, Southampton and Villa have scored ten against Man.Utd between them so we should score if we show any adventure, even the mackems scored on their recent visit.

As ever, injuries provide opportunities and just maybe, someone will take advantage of that at Old Trafford.

Best Odds on Boxing Day match – (Prices Can Fluctuate)
Draw H-T and F-T 10/1
Ba To Score A Goal 7/2
Match Finish 1-1 13/1

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GToon 5pts

Can I also add that I can see five triangles, golf is cr@p and I'm already married thanks.

Aarini 5pts

We are weak in defense but no way we will be in  relegation fight. We are the surprise package. He holds the worst record in predicting football results. I'm happy he thinks NUFC will be in trouble because the result will be opposite.

george8783 5pts

hair like girl talks like a girl and knows as much about football as a -ick

george8783 5pts

poor pudit shih footballer what does he know

desree 5pts

Robbie must have had a look at the mag before he made this opinion piece.

alreet 5pts

Think hes still pissed that big al always got the better of him on and now off the field. Boring welsh w**ker. Hate him on MOTD and most other places he chooses to show his mong face.

Wat does le tissier. Murphy or hamman think. Give more value to them than this waste of spit.

RonHills 5pts

What have we ever done to upset you Robbie? Maybe you're trying to wind us supporters up.

Kazie23 5pts

We not a damn going to finish in the relegation zone or any where near that....

ourlad 5pts

Savage talks a load of verbally diahorea,early days to start predicting.How the hell he has come to that conclusion beats me,think he has eaten to much leek pudding.

ourlad 5pts

Well Mr Savage,I think you are out your depth with having Newcastle up for relegation.

You are counting your chickens before they are hatched mate.

You can't go off last season,yes we were dreadful under Carver, but hopefully this season is a new ball game.

I'm very confident we'll be in the top 15,if not the top 10.

If I prove you wrong please forward me a season ticket, and if you are right I'll buy you a calculator as it seems you have problems adding up.

Newcastle have spent 34 million and not 50 million as you have quoted.


yea you will be better  CHEM DAVE 

bet everyone respect's  YOUR genius opinion  ..were you a manager or coach or respected footballer at some tome ??

Leazes_62 5pts

Trying really hard to care what this washed up old never was has to say , but the give-a-fyuk-ometer isnt even twitching, non story

wor monga
wor monga 5pts

Savage could be a writer for the Mag coming out with that sort of comment…quite a few on here were hoping for it to happen last season.

...He was famous at one time for using the referees toilet, and leaving a pile of crap there for them…he doesn’t do that nowadays…he just talks it instead!! 

Chemical Dave
Chemical Dave 5pts

@wor monga  he's wrong about brolly being a good coach like, doubt you'll find a single Derby fan agreeing with that comment. Baffling how a 'good coach' managed to  get the best group of English players for years to fail to QUALIFY for the European championships ?

GToon 5pts

There are some pundits who have a worthwhile opinion that is founded on their own experiences in the game and their general footballing intelligence and then there are those that have nice hair......

BenB2507 5pts

I predict that.... Robbie Savage will be a bitter c*nt for the rest of his days ☺


what the fk has savage got to do with the price of milk..can we have

someone on with a respected opinion please 

scraping the barrel  ??

if yuv got nowt to say ..say nowt ..its ok

Bearsize 5pts

The day the ref elbowed robbie savage in the face and knocked him out in front of 50,000 geordies was one of the happiest days in my life


Robbie your so full of sh*t!!

Leazes_62 5pts

@Bearsize If the ref had any balls about him he would have followed up with a kick to the spuds.. thanks for reminding me of that Bear, id forgotten it :)

Bearsize 5pts

Lol no problem, i aim to please

mrkgw 5pts

Quite an insult. Thanks Robbie.

Porciestreet 5pts

Who cares what that little pr!c4 says,He's so full of Bull5h!t he should be flushed away.