Full of Christmas cheer, we’ll be looking to lift your spirits with our seasonal offering. Cover star Demba Ba is at the top of the Premier League goalscorers and hopefully he’ll be staying there, with Newcastle!

As well as the regular features, we have writers at every match, including an on the spot report on the Geordie invasion of Bruges.

Looking forward, can NUFC use the Wigan match as a springboard to push forward again on the pitch, plus the January transfer window approaches.

We’ve got it all covered.

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desree 5pts

Reading the article I think Mclaren will quit come feb. lower leagues and abroad and must be under 28, a stratgey that doesn't work continues to be our only plan.

The sports direct store manager at Eldon Square is better qualified to run the club than Charnley!

ash1001 5pts

Well if it took place, not sure who's side I would be on,we as fans show very little respect for McLaren, so I can understand maybe some of the players feeling the same.

McLaren according to one or two players (non of them at NUFC)  in the press or on the tele say he is a good coach , that does not make him a good manager and to be honest he does not impress me, track record proves it. there is nothing about the football management side at NUFC that impresses, other than the cars in car park. So its easy to see disharmony in the camp, and it is a fact that more the 50% of the players are off the boil and the rest are not good enough, but the team setup is far from right and that's down to McLaren, so he seems to be at the root of everything relating to football, so think he should look at himself.

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson 5pts

If it has the same effect as the 2009 'Shape up or p*** off' speech, then great . . .

desree 5pts

"I said 'If you aren't up for the fight leave, the door is open' as Paul Simpson opened the door gesturing those not committed to leave - No one left. The players are all committed"

amacdee 5pts

"It is a risky strategy given the long-standing problems motivating the Newcastle dressing room, but supporters will back McClaren’s confrontational stance as they are also sick and tired of putting up with half-hearted displays"

Half hearted displays may come from the players but who is able to prevent them ? Certainly not Schteeevie McWally !

The Nut Job
The Nut Job 5pts

It would help if the players were selected & played in their natural position instead of p1$$ing around all the time

themilkman 5pts

All the players hsve to be sold in january.sorry to upset every newcastle fan , but all the cancerous growths in the dressing room have to be removed from the healthy part of the club asap.if this is succesfully done the club will recover to full health and be able to move on upwards

grantham mag
grantham mag 5pts

@themilkman You are not upsetting any one we all know what's needed, the cancer starts at the top

amacdee 5pts

@themilkman If you sold all the players we'd be fielding the U-21's and they're shlte too ! We've had three shlte managers in a row who have one thing in common.......Its the Fatman that needs to Eff Off otherwise we'll just continue ad infintum.

whickhamrobbie 5pts

Managers often get it in the neck and take blame for under achieving players . We all know who they are these overpaid prima donnas. Sadly the days when a team and manager had respect for each other is long gone (just look at Chelski ).Any manager coming here is stuffed from the start and alas the championship is looking ever more likely.

I enjoyed our last foray there so you never know it just might be whats needed to remove some of the wasters we have in our squad.

toonrobbybobson 5pts

If so many managers have had this issue its inherited from before as many are still the same players.

magpiefifer 5pts

The players attitude in many matches this season - not just the Leicester game - has been abominable,but what is the cause? Has McClaren 'lost' the dressing room? I won't condone the players not trying when they pull on the shirt,BUT is McClaren getting any respect from the playing staff?

There is certainly a major problem at the club - apart from the inept owner and MD - and if it's not sorted very quickly we will be certs for the Championship next season.