SJP0001_St_James_Park_NUFCA big thank you to everybody who has helped make The Mag such a massive success this year and a very Happy Christmas to Newcastle fans wherever you are in the world.

Thanks to every single one of you who has visited the website or bought a copy of our magazine.

It may not have been the most straightforward of seasons so far but what Newcastle United’s history tells us is that if we all pull together, great things are possible.

Our last match before Christmas was all about the three points of course.

However, what was especially uplifting was that in dismal conditions a match against the bottom club in the Premier League still attracted a crowd of over fifty thousand and equally as important, those fifty thousand stayed with the team throughout the ninety minutes and maybe can claim an assist for the goal and win.

I know plenty other sets of supporters would have turned on their team and the match could have had a far different outcome.

Special thanks go to the supporters who have contributed literally thousands of contributions, for both magazine and website, over the past twelve months.

Without you we would be literally nothing.

In tough times like the present it is more important than ever that Newcastle United fans have an independent media that they can trust to entertain and inform them, for twenty five up and down years The Mag has endeavoured to do this.

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The two things we all know for sure, are that supporting Newcastle United is never boring, and we are stuck with our team for life.

United We Stand.



Might not have a comma ,but it makes a lot of comma sense ,what Stephen Richards has written !

stephen richards
stephen richards

If the club fail to bring in enough quality before the start of the season a relegation fight is certain to follow I also think it there's a poor start the fans will turn quickly people have had enough of excuses and want action 34 m in the bank 19 m profit last year + 10m from sales and compensation in January add this to the 60m basis payment the club has just received for next season there's plenty of money the only thing holding us back is willingness to spend big if the powers that be fail to produce the player's required we all know who to blame ASHLEY CHARNLEY MCLAREN and MONCUR


@stephen Richards-sorry to say mate I can't actually read your post as there's absolutely no punctuation in it whatsoever ever! Even a full stop would help! The lack of punctuation puts you off reading it as it doesn't make sense.

We need investment in this window, but doubt it will happen-or they'll bring in a couple of loan players at end of trans window like they've done before. Ashley stated on TV that he will continue to invest in this club-this is pure lies again, as all he's ever done is take finance out (plus assert strip and 'move' it into Mash Holdings) and has never invested at all, if not recently.

Anybody who has renewed their season ticket on the back of believing every word Ashley uttered, bigger fool you! That's what he wants so you're still part of the problem here.


@Phildene You're right, most of the fans are suspicious and cynical towards the motives of Ashley and his chief puppet Charnley.  The other members of "the board"  were purely elevated to that position as a sop to the fans.