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Kev82 5pts

Can't believe the Sunderland fans over the last year singing his name in support with this charge hanging over his head. You may say innocent till proven guilty but I don't think I'd be vocally backing a Toon player on a similar charge while there was a chance he may be guilty. I hope the Mackems sack him now and that he faces similar treatment to Ched Evans in struggling to get back into the game.

Graham Wilson
Graham Wilson 5pts

I still don't know how Sunderland were allowed to play him with a charge like this hanging over him??? bet there fans are proud for cheering him on, shame on them all,

Drumbo 5pts

Graham - really?

Have you got nothing better to write about?

Lame, very lame.

Mark Brooker
Mark Brooker 5pts

As wealthy as he is if the scumbag goes down as he should he'll pay for protection probably have his own cell, tv & Playstation sickening.

Dogg1892 5pts

As this is an ongoing case is it legal to discuss it on a fans' forum?

potski 5pts

It is an ongoing case. A jury will decide whether he is guilty on some of the charges, with the evidence starting on Friday. The trial is in another part of the country and I guess they have been careful to ensure there are no Newcastle fans on the jury. He could hardly get a fair trial on the Quayside;) But the judge revealed today that Johnson has already pleaded guilty to some of the lesser charges. He presumably will be sentenced on them only after the jury have made a decision. That could take weeks. The Mag and other blogs have to be careful to report the case in accordance with the law and the judge's directions to the media. The judge has presumably agreed for the guilty admissions to be made public, and he has informed the jury about them.

magnifeek 5pts

@potski I don't think you can say they are of 'lesser charges', which include 'grooming' and the charge of sexual assault. You're correct in that he has admitted these, so the situation re contempt of court re discussion
of case is unclear perhaps. However, there are serious issues regarding what the club knew about this. In view that both he and his girlfriend said he was innocent at the time, and now subsequently transpires that he wasn't through his own admission, did the club just accept his word at the time, or did they go further in any serious way to find out what happened? Because the situation as it is unfolding does not put Sunderland FC in a great light either. Only if they were absolutely sure that he was innocent and took measures that assured that, then you could say they were entitled to play him. This admission by the player makes me doubt that. This isn't shoplifting or a fine for speeding. This story reflects on the club, the fans, and the community of Sunderland . Ugly.

v0ices 5pts

@magnifeek @potski it reflects badly on football in general with the current win at all costs attitude.

TonnekToon 5pts

Can't see the justification of his club standing by him now , he should be sacked at the very least .

toonterrier 5pts

Its about time we returned to the cap on players wages. Obscene amount of money going to average players when the majority of supporters get at best the living wage. Maybe every club should have a committee to rate players on their performance and pay them accordingly. Some of our lot over the last couple of years would starve to death.   

amacdee 5pts

Not about to say anything about the player as he's beneath contempt. However I do recall a lot of makems telling us that everyone is innocent until proven guilty so we shouldnt say nasty things about him ?

This goes to show that some are more "innocent" than others

SimonM68 5pts

Very nasty and too serious an issue / situation to be putting on a fans website just to (presumably) encourage abusive reactions.

Not a football story and for me (though sadly there seem to be many players who think they can do what they like these days)  and it almost demeans his victims by trivialising what happened to this level.

andkdk11 5pts

The horrible prick shouldn't play another days football in his life. I actually remember a mackem defending this nonce on a YouTube video by TheTrueGeordie and tried to claim its ok because we had loic... yet loic was accused and never charged and certainly never admitted it. Johnson the nonce should be hung by his balls and stoned by 1000 rape victims.

Marveauxless 5pts

@andkdk11 At the time Johnson claimed he was innocent; check all the Sunderland fan forums, all their fans want to see him sacked and are very angry that the club, who most likely knew of his plea, kept playing him.

Maurice Shield
Maurice Shield 5pts

Nonce. Ffs hang the caant. He'll be let off as he has money n still alive

mentalman 5pts

Surely they will sack him now

VonBrown 5pts

@WilliamCarney what a ridiculously ignorant and vile comment. I'm from sunderland (nufc fan all my life tho). does this make me a peado? no. idiot.

I do however agree with the punishment.

Jezza_NUFC 5pts

@VonBrown @WilliamCarney Agree entirely. It is indeed a vile and ignorant comment and a ridiculous generalisation. Presumably he also thinks the same about Teesiders and Mancunians, after all Johnson did play for Middlesborough and Man City too. Ridiculous.

Porciestreet 5pts

Dirty paedo and the whole of the North East knew it all along,  INCLUDING Sunderland FC who steadfasatly played him and gave him the benefit of any doubt.

How any Mackem will be able to hold their heads up anywhere ever again is debateable.

By allowing him to play on, the club have soured the good name of their fans. Love them or loathe them, they do not deserve a Chairman and directors with such Morals.

Jezza_NUFC 5pts

@Porciestreet I hope Johnson gets the punishment he deserves but before you condemn Sunderland AFC and their fans just remember that we had Loic Remy playing for us while he had a rape charge hanging over his head.

potski 5pts

No we didn't. There was an allegation, but he was not charged with any offence.

Jezza_NUFC 5pts

@potski Maybe I'm wrong but at the time I was under the impression Remy had been charged and had a court date scheduled for the November after we signed him. I thought that was the reason no other club came in and bought him after QPR were relegated that year.

Porciestreet 5pts

Surely, he wouldn't have the brass neck to want to keep playing when the world now knows of his Paedophilia. Put him in the stocks in the middle of Sunderland and let the public sort him.

Anthony Boak
Anthony Boak 5pts

So its true Adam Johnson is going down for noncing

Greg Codling
Greg Codling 5pts

I don't think you do him justice as a "sunderland player" he is probably more of a head player team leader....scum.