Sunday 28 October 3pm

Newcastle United 2 (Ba 35, Cisse 90)
West Brom 1

Alan Pardew kept everybody guessing but went with only one enforced change from the sunderland match, Perch coming in for the suspended Tiote in midfield.

We seemed to switch back and forwards between a 442 and 433, Shola at times ending up as the right hand side of the front three and other times drifting into the middle.

In the opening half the team layout seemed to work in some ways, especially Ben Arfa and Santon teaming up on the left, no surprise there really as they are arguably our two most talented players.

On the other wing it tended to end up as a bit of a Shola/Simpson combo which probably isn’t ideal, though it did almost supply the opening goal. Shola crossing straight onto the head of Demba Ba who put it just wide when he should have scored.

This was quickly followed by a long range Santon effort that Ben Foster did we to push behind.

However, West Brom were creating chances as well and following their blueprint from last season when they looked to play the ball on the ground behind our central defenders.

Today though we had Tim Krul in blinding form as he made two world class saves each time Lukaku got through one on one.

Ten minutes before half-time and we had a goal from an alternative route; Krul’s long ball was headed on by Shola and this time Ba coolly got the ball under control and lashed it past Foster.

A better contribution from Ameobi after he’d just lashed a shot high and wide when Ben Arfa had brilliantly beat four players and crossed the ball to give Shola the chance to control it and then have a free shot on goal or feed Cabaye who had bust a gut to support him.

West Brom came out and took the game by the scruff of the neck and you can hardly claim they didn’t deserve to equalise. Both Shola and Simpson stood off Gera who crossed fro Lukaku to at last beat an exposed Krul.

Pardew did his best to mix things up but to little effect, Shola & Simpson replaced by Cisse and Obertan with Santon going to right-back and Jonas dropping to left full-back.

This was then followed by Demba Ba heading off injured and Sammy Ameobi going on the left and Ben Arfa a kind of roaming role.

In all honesty United were at sixes and sevens a lot of the time as they battled away but struggled to keep possession and/or orchestrate any kind of threat to the visitors.

While Sammy Ameobi showed a willingness to take on and beat his man at times, on the other side Gabriel Obertan failed miserably to build on any confidence carried over from his winner against Brugge. His ‘performance’ summed up by two occasions when Newcastle were breaking and instead of carrying the ball he elected to pass the buck/ball to somebody only a few yards ahead of him and each time lost the ball. To an extent you can improve a player’s skills but is it possible to give them confidence/heart?

Hatem Ben Arfa might not be somebody who goes flying into tackles but he has got a lot of bottle, like the rest of his teammates nothing had gone for him in the second-half but even in injury time he doesn’t give up easily.

Once again he was prepared to carry the ball and rode a couple of tackles before cynically brought down around fifteen yards from the eighteen yard box, advantage played and Sammy Ameobi hits a relatively harmless looking shot from the left that somehow eludes Ben Foster. From the Leazes End it was hard to tell but I’m reliably told it came off Papiss Cisse’s backside, bum deal!

I for one won’t apologise to anybody for a bit of luck going our way, especially after the spawny mackems last week.

Fingers crossed on Demba Ba’s fitness but I’m certainly not betting against Papiss Cisse going on a run now that things have turned his way.

Alan Pardew;

“They always say that if you’re on a barren run you get one off your bum or shin, then it gets you going. Hopefully that will because it is nice to have a striker scoring, Demba Ba scored today but then got injured so we are going to look to Papiss now.

He just feels like there is a nerve issue going on, so we are going to have to inspect that and see what it turns up this week”.

Newcastle United: Krul, Simpson (Cisse 61), Williamson, Coloccini, Santon, Ben Arfa, Perch, Cabaye, Jonas, Shola (Obertan 61), Ba (Sammy Ameobi 73)

Unused Subs: Harper, Ferguson, Steven Taylor, Anita

West Brom: Foster, Tamas, McAuley, Olsson, Ridgewell, Mulumbu, Morrison, Odemwingie, Gera (Popov 88), Dorrans (Rosenberg 72), Lukaku (Long 65)

Referee: Chris Foy

Crowd: 49,731 (1,400 Away Fans)



He makes you have to be a member to get an away ticket.

He's starting to force people to become members to watch more and more home games.

He always sells our best players.

He never reinvests the money gained from sales.

He doesn't speak to the fans.

He wants to sell the land and hence any chance of expanding the ground to make money.

He will dither over the appointment of our next manager and then use that as an excuse as to why we wont buy anybody come the start of next season. 


Brilliant Chris. I could add a lot more starting with away ticket issues to start with

Gary Linney
Gary Linney

Let's make the boycott the beginning of the rebellion... I hope the Toon Army is 'big enough' to retaliate against fatboy & his regime who are slowly killing everything that is NUFC! Everything he has done and is doing to the club has been an embarrassment & it has to be stopped! Those who continue, as paying customers, to line his pockets then you are SUPPORTING what HE is doing to NUFC. Howay, let's be honest - It's not as though the team are playing for their lives... most of them are journeymen, already eyeing up a move anyhoo! How many of them can you see as iconic heroes in the future? WE MUST BE UNITED AND BOYCOTT... and why not for the rest of the season?


agree Gary: will the better players want to leave in all this turmoil (club going nowhere) - you bet they will. Will new above average players want to come in - no way.


Will stop at the first comment as do not want to waste half hour replying.

The club had not paid for transfers some bought four years earlier.We were a mess the credit

card bills maxed in short bankrupt on paper.Interest bills ran into millions.

The sponsorshp money had all been used we were robbing Peter to pay Paul we had not a pot to piss in.

Ollie Burtons Grandad
Ollie Burtons Grandad

@newcastle7 Just piss off man, its so obvious you work for SD and are posting utter shite for the Fatman. Either that or you truely are a total f*ckwit

Ashley Out!


@newcastle7 Aye and the football was great, the players gave their all and we competed in everything and went close to winning a trophy a few times. Wish i had known we were in such financial trouble, i wouldn't have enjoyed the games half as much. Oh no sorry, i'm lying, it wouldn't have made any difference at all!! 


@newcastle7 Oh Simon. Are you going to campaign forever for Ashley, from the seat H&S built for you? There is extreme irony in that if you had the smarts to understand it.

Why oh why did you protest against McKeag, yet tell people they shouldn't now do the same against Ashley? I guess when you were younger you actually possessed some bollix?

The only person to ever state the Club 'may' have gone into Administration was Ashley himself.  There is not a shred of factual evidence to support that. You and your like just keep spinning the line Ashley wants everyone to believe, because you don't have the brain cells to believe otherwise.

He's a multi Billionaire, and he got there by screwing over every business which feeds the SD profit margin. That;s what you are now a supporter of.  A feeder Club to SD profit..


@TaylorandBesty i laughed at "Mike Ashley hired Joe Kinnear. Mike Ashley hired Joe Kinnear again" then remembered it :(


51. He supports Spurs

52. He blew quarter of a million of the club's money (Andy Carrolls fee) in Aspers in one night..... bet that doesn't show up in the accounts Mr, Deloitte.

53. He appointed Sodexo the prison catering firm.... appalling 

54. He plastered his company over the stadium denying the club its own revenue

55. He got a job lot of TV screens half the bloody size of the old ones, and used half the screen as advertising..... and coupled it with a Bose sound system?

56. He put Shirts for sale in the club shop at £10 more than S****** D***** and said 'lets see if they boycott me now'!

57. Spending money on Rangers whilst starving United

58. Allowing Lee Ryder back inside

59. Banning NUST because they dared to ask questions on the clubs 'debt'

60. Binning NUFC memorabilia



He promised to put 20 Million  a Year out of his own pocket into the club for transfers when he first took over

He said in court he paid for Gonzalez to get first choice of young south american players, well they should be old enough for our first team by now



And thats a reason to boycott 



Also this needs adding to the list...

Mike Ashley is single handedly responsible for clothing an entire generation of chavs in Lonsdale and Donnay.


Great list, not sure that all 50 reasons are directly attributable to Mike Ashley but they certainly are to people he has employed and entrusted to run what used to be Newcastle United, and are therefore more than able to be included as part of his f*** up.