As we all know a handful of clubs have used the financial rewards of the Champions League to accumulate massive squads which has led to ridiculous numbers of players going out on loan, often to other Premier League teams.

I have often thought it a ridiculous scenario as it then creates an awful lot of ‘what ifs’ in my mind. One of those ‘what ifs’ was removed when the Premier League banned on loan players from playing against their ‘real club’, if you know what I mean. This came a bit late for us when LuaLua scored against Newcastle while on loan at Pompey.

As we head into these final weeks of the season a thought came to me and I checked out various players and clubs.

When we played Swansea they had Caulker (on loan from Spurs) and McEachran on the bench (on loan from Chelsea).

Back when we played Wolves, if it hadn’t been for injury we would have faced Bassong (on loan from Spurs).

On Monday Bolton are likely to have Miyaichi (on loan from Arsenal) up front.

Last game of the season at Goodison we’re almost certain to be facing Pienaar (on loan from Spurs).

How can this be allowed?

So tomorrow Arsenal’s Miyaichi could score the winner against us for Bolton.

Chelsea’s McEachran could have came off the bench and denied us the three points at Swansea.

Then on the final day we could have Spurs’ Pienaar scoring a last minute goal for Everton which could put Spurs into the Champions League at Newcastle’s expense!

This is an unfair advantage as these players can’t now play against their ‘real club’, plus there is a clear incentive for these players to bust a gut against a team like Newcastle as they could be returning to their real club in the summer and then play Champions League football for Arsenal/Chelsea/Spurs next season.

This practice must be stopped and loans only allowed to clubs in other divisions or countries.

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Llambias got an extra million quid for sticking this sponsor onto our shirt..... the club has probably lost more than that in sales....

.... and goodwill


@Nutisbak2 @LeazesEnder It is NOT a mutually beneficial relationship at all between the club and Ashleys interests as was pointed out by Simon Birds questions at the S***** Dir**t AGM.


@LeazesEnder  For the record I strongly suspect when the contract with Wonga runs out we may well not listen to them for any other offers due to the bad press bought here, however there is a saying, any publicity is good publicity. Meaning basically if it gets your name out there and raises your profile it's a good thing.

It's not like Ashley actually needs the extra 10 Million or so income from the shirt sponsors and realistically he would actually be far better from his point of view and a business point of view in putting the sports direct logo on those too.

Although true maybe some fans might not like it much.

He bought the company to effectively compliment his other interests, the relationship between all his interests goes both ways, whilst Newcastle don't get money in the form of income for signage around the ground with the Sports Direct Logo on, or from shirt sales (supposedly) it doesn't actually matter as it all comes out of and goes into Ashleys pocket at the end of the day.

The long and the short of it is it's a mutually beneficial relationship like it or not.