Youngsters – Any Opportunities?

The stated aim of the club is that youngsters from here and abroad need to be progressed into the first team. This is all very laudable but is it realistic. Will the likes of Vuckic, Abeid, Fergusion, Tavernier and Donaldson ever get a proper chance? Who has progressed through the ranks and is not a signing who we have paid money for and therefore just ‘has’ to be played? Tim Krul is one and Taylor another but really over the last 6 or 7 years that is seriously rubbish.

The problems are that each game is just ‘too’ important to risk them. Any league game is important, with the media coverage particularly up here, every league game is absolutely critical and we should never risk a youngster. Pardew has done it once with Vukic who had a poor game at Anfield but so what – the learning he gets from that will stand him in good state going forward. Same with Sammy.

So we are left with cup games and under Pardew we do seem intent on doing well in these (good) so yet again the best team plays and as the players themselves seem disinterested (Stevenage, Brighton, Blackburn come to mind) playing some youngsters mixed with some better players may well help. It did Tim Krul.

Let’s play some youngsters  in the next 9 league games – actually the results are not as critical as many would have us believe. For once we are neither in danger of going to be relegated and/or not qualify for the champions league. There is every chance we will finish 6th or 7th  and therefore the only game that really matters to our European aspirations is Everton/Sunderland v Liverpool!

Of course the youngsters may all not be good enough but that is another story…

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WallaceWilson 5pts

Easy to say when you're not paying to watch this rubbish. The fact that the author went to a barbecue rather than watch his team says volumes.

Brownale69 5pts

The players dont care so why support millionaires going thro the motions its a job to them. I think they have got off lightly over the past few seasons 50k have supported and cheered mediocre football. And it will be the same at the next home game. Where else would that happen?

Ollie Burtons Grandad
Ollie Burtons Grandad 5pts

Oh Dear, you have penned a pile of shite worthy of Penfold. Our club is rotten to the core as are a number of our players.

It would take over 50,000 volts never mind 50,000 supporters to get some of our lot to put a proper shift in.

Simply "loving" our players will not work; simply turning up to fill FatMans pockets with our hard earned dosh is utterly pointless.

Ashley out!

Sickandtiredstill 5pts

Sorry mate, you seem to have been partaking of the 'Dam cookies a little too much.

Cheer on this lot and all we do is yet again save fatty's backside from his self made mess. There's only one true solution to this and it's in getting rid of him - not turning up week after week to cheer on his slap in the face to us all.

Encouragement just proves what he already knows. Best part of 50,000 will continue to show up one way or another. Until that changes he isn't going to give a hoot.

DownUnderMag 5pts

Moyes would not be getting a response from the vast majority of players either.  The players that are underperforming simply don't care, they want out because they thought they would have had their big pay-day move by now.  A different manager wouldn't be getting different results.The culture of the club has been built around selling players for too long now and I question the mental attitude of some of them and what they were told in order to sign for us in the first place.

StevenShort 5pts

There are many ways to build a team but it normally comes down to at one end the 1960 Brazil ethos of putting eleven striker on the pitch, using the basis of it does not matter how many goals they score we will score more at one and and at the other end the George Graham ethos of sort the defence out first and you will never be relegated. then you have all those team configurations in between.
The Brazilian defence is too expensive in today's market unless you are an Arab Sheik.
As for the George Graham type defence, this is what Southampton got promoted with and is within our price range.
Since the KK era Newcastle have bought 10 Strikers, 23 Midfielders and 20 Defenders of various qualities.
They seem to concentrate on midefielders hoping to promote them to Strikers or Demote them to Defence, and in some cases it has worked with others they have been woefully short.
What we need to do is concentrate on our deficiencies one at a time. and in our case it is a case of shoring up the defence first with out and out specialist defenders.
In Mitrovic, Perez and Wijnaldum we have goals, but no enough to counteract the goals we are letting in.
Coloccini is at the end of his career so will need replaced. Lascelles is not quite there as a direct replacement, and we just do not have enough height at the back, the last time Newcastle challenged for the Premiership Title in 96, all of our defenders were above 6ft.
So sort the defence out and the rest will fall in place.

v0ices 5pts

@StevenShort I will assume you mean central defenders as John beresford was 5 feet 6.