As if it wasn’t bad enough Harry Redknapp openly speculating about Demba Ba’s contract position, we now have West Ham’s Joint Chairman, David Sullivan, doing the same. Are we finding the true ‘Cockney Mafia’ here, all banding together because ‘them Geordie’ have got one over on them?

Whatever the legalities of the situation, it surely has to be totally morally out of order for a club owner to be talking so openly about what a former employee might or might not have in his contract.

In an interview with independent West Ham website, David Sullivan alleges that Demba Ba would get half of anything over £7m if Newcastle sell him.

I don’t know what I believe in relation to Ba’s contract but what I am sure of is that West Ham massively cocked things up and that Sullivan is one bitter man. Result!

Ian Dale (Westhamtillidie): How did that work?  (In relation to Demba Ba allegedly having a get out if West Ham relegated) Did we pay money to Hoffenheim?

David Sullivan: I’ll tell you exactly what happened. We wanted to loan him, but Hoffenheim said they wouldn’t loan him as they could get 6 million euros for him from Stoke. He then failed the medical at Stoke. I went back and asked to loan him again. Again they said no, but they would sell him to us. So we paid 500,000 euros down, which was almost like a loan fee, and then we’d pay 5 ½ million euros starting the next season depending on how many games he played – one level of payment in the Championship, one level of payment on the Premier League. I’ll have to make the figures up because I can’t remember, but something like 25,000 euros a game in the Premier League and 10,000 euros in the Championship. Demba Ba signed a three and a half year contract with us. We had a deal where his salary would be halved if we were relegated. He said, “Well on that basis, I have got to be allowed to walk if we get relegated”. What we should have said in retrospect – but none of us thought he would score so many goals – is that we’d be happy to give him £40 grand a week in the Championship. In the end I offered him £45 grand a week to stay but he wouldn’t take it. What we should have said was that if we don’t halve your salary, you haven’t got a get-out. The failure to put that one line in the contract cost us very, very dearly. As I say, he was on £35 grand a week and I offered him £45 grand a week to stay, but he went to Newcastle. His agent got £2 million to take him to Newcastle.

ID: So do Newcastle now have to pay to Hoffenheim the money you would have had to pay?

DS: No. That’s why Newcastle could always outbid us. It was our deal with Hoffenheim.

ID: So Hoffenheim got stuffed, then.

DS: Yup, they got half a million for him. This didn’t work for anyone except Demba Ba… and Newcastle. I’m told he’s got a £7 million get-out at Newcastle and he gets half the money over that. They keep denying it but I think you’ll see in the summer he will leave Newcastle or he’ll get a monstrous rise to stay there. If they get about four million, half will go to him, so if they sell him for £7 million they’ll only net about three because they paid his agent £2 million to get him out of here. Getting £3 million is not bad, but for a player of his quality it’s not fantastic. It’s one of those mistakes that happen, but it’s probably one of the worst mistakes I have ever made in my life. It just didn’t enter our heads. it didn’t enter anybody’s head that he’d score enough goals that we’d want to give him £40k a week and his old club £15/20k an appearance and we’d still be relegated. In reality that’s exactly what happened. The agent just threw it in at the last minute. He said “Obviously if his salary is cut by 50% you’ve got to let him walk”. We thought, OK, if we get relegated, do we really want a £40k a week striker in the Championship? Well, we would have because he was devastating. If he was with us now and his knee had held up, because remember, he did have a very very bad knee, I think we’d be 15 points clear, I really do. He’d be cutting through those defences. You live and you learn.



Whats even worse than the thought of relegation again, is reading the utter shite on here, from the "so-called".

Bills frollocks
Bills frollocks

This is how I saw it...

Ashley to the board of SD in 2006

MA. I need to promote SD. How can I do it?

SD. You could maybe buy something that is seen worldwide

MA. What you mean like a football club?

SD. Yes something like that.

MA. It would have to be a big club with big support. But I don't know anything about football.

SD. You don't need to know anything about football. You just want to advertise SD

MA. But it would cost me a fortune.

SD. Yes but the returns would be huge for SD.

MA. But what if the fans started realising I only wanted the club to make money for SD and then started leaving.

SD. You need to find a club with gullible fans who love football and then lock them in to a deal they can't refuse.

MA. Like what?

SD. Offer them a ten year season ticket deal.

MA. Oh yes, I like it. Then they won't leave cos they love their football too much.

SD. Exactly.

MA. Where would I find such a club with gullible fans?

SD. Well there's one of than Northern clubs for sale I believe. Think it's Newcastle United.

MA. But I hate Geordies.

SD. Yes I know but it is a big club and the supporters will watch anything.

MA. OK. Sounds good. Let's go for it.

SD. I'll put things in motion.

MA. Wow, I got that cheap however I had to give the club a loan too so they owe me.

The rest is history.

The ones who conned us. Wise, Pardew

Look what we have now. Charnley, Carver, Stone and co.

Now just think hard before you decide to support this regime again


Agree - and I dont absolve John Hall of his part in this either, of all the people to sell to. Mike Ashley just doesnt seem to care - all profit and nothing else. I just hate the sight of those despicable SD logos emblazoned all over the stadium, cheapening the place. No income from it either. Playing staff, assembled by Carr on the cheap and a Chairman which...well, less said the better on that one. Carver should have gone weeks ago and relegation looms for certain. Gut wrenching stuff.

Bills frollocks
Bills frollocks

Smell the roses. There are NO roses to smell at this club anymore.


Well we all know what the £34m in the bank was set aside for, add to that the £25m we will get for krul, sissoko, janmaat, tiote and cisse at fire sales prices and there you have it, the cost of relegation!! What was all that cheap about a net spend?? Think we are talking hundreds of thousands, not millions!!!


Report out this morning suggesting that the club will not sack Carver and will allow him to see out the rest of the season. What a shocker - Charnley hasnt a clue. Both Ashley and this incompetent are killing the club, good and proper.


There is only one conclusion and that is fatty is intentionally relegating us, nobody can be that incompetent. Every action he has taken, crap signings in the summer, no signings in January, selling m'biwa, giving away santon, not sacking pardew, not replacing pardew, not getting rid of cardew, it all points to the fact that he must want the club relegated. Does anybody know how fatty benefits from this?


@mrkgw How come the FA are allowing this fat theif to get away with doing this to one of it's member clubs. As sure as eggs are eggs, if this was Arsenal or Chelsea, the 5h!t would have hit the fan a very long time ago.


Was talking to my Barber about this exact subject a day ago - he is a Coventry supporter and we both dispair at the inactivity from the FA. Quite right, if it were Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or their beloved Man Utd, they would be jumping up and down. But Newcastle, they couldnt give one jot. Fuming.

Morpeth mag
Morpeth mag

I've been saying this for years,,,,, what would the press have written if SD advertising was plastered all over,, old Traford and God forbid Anfield? It's an absolute disgrace, also if we owe him the 129 million and he owns 55% of SD, where's the 45% of the advertising revenue we should be getting? We don't owe SD the money?