“Oh what happened to you, whatever happened to me, what became of those people, we used to be…”

Monkey bar, 12.47pm, Saturday 17th December 2011.  Swansea City at home.

“You out tonight then?”.

“Nah, it’s the final of Strictly…”.

Answered without the slightest embarrassment by a hirsute reared builder.

The youngest (by some way) in our group is 31 and he (Des) became a dad last Thursday. Welcome Junior Magpie Phoebe Elizabeth.  We’re going to have a night out to wet the baby’s head. Probably on a Friday, so I’ll be on the soft drinks as I run on a Saturday morning.

Baz walks in. He gave up his season ticket this year for financial reasons but has decided to come and have a Christmas drink with the lads. He didn’t tell anybody he was coming but sadly knew exactly where we’d be.

Stevie says he’s just booked a week’s holiday in Tenerife for March; without checking the fixture list first! He’s then mightily relieved to discover that we play the mackems at home just 3 days before he leaves. Could have been disastrous timing that one.

Mark then launches into a tirade against David Cameron (Can’t really blame him for that) for taking away any influence the British had on the Eurozone, zzzzzzz.

We’ve booked a table for 9 at an Italian restaurant before the West Brom game this Wednesday.

It’s hard to imagine that these are the same lads that have toured Britain and Europe following the Toon and getting into many a comedic scrape along the way. Oh when did it all go wrong?

I will be 50 years old by next Christmas. Bet you couldn’t tell.


wor monga
wor monga 5pts

... Nothing like a bit of good old fashioned negativity to condemn a young player…of course he needs a seasoned ‘old’ professional Centre Half with a good footballing brain alongside him…I’ve never known any inexperienced CD that didn’t…and he’ll be no different…

...Walker was certainly the exception, and very few have gone on to reach his standard, before or since, but Clough knew exactly from the start that good defending would be done by the unit not by any one outstanding individual…  

...it probably makes more sense to compare Mbemba with Walker, seeing as he is also young, but an able reader of the game…and although not the tallest can get up and beat taller players, he understands positioning and marking, and is quick and precise into the tackle…

...but even so a lot will still depend on those around him!!

1957 5pts

It's sounds like the future of both of these depends on the coaches at the club being able to develop them and their attitude.

In terms of Lascelles he clearly isn't one for this season, he needs to come into a team where he has an established partner to help him along, hence the need for another CB this season rather than/as well as a forward. Darlow from what I seen of him on tv looks like he's on a par with Elliott. If Woodman develops as he looks like he will he is more likely to be our next first choice, but who knows our next GK coach might bring Darlow on.

It's good to get the view of someone who has seen them in the flesh.

ncncnc 5pts

most centre halves need the right partner next to them, hopefully the right mix will be found and he'll kick on.

out of the ones we have so far i'd go with mbemba and taylor to start with - looks like they might be a good blend, colo and mbemba look a little similar (as was mbiwa and colo) 

we need what 90% of premier league teams need - a strong commanding centre half who does all of the simple things well, unfortunately 90% of premier league teams need one too and they seem in short supply.

v0ices 5pts

From what the guy has shown pre season we will be lucky if he reaches the level of titus he may have lacked concentration but for 75 or 80 minutes of a game he could be world class.