So with one final breath of hot air, Steve Bruce is sacked by the mackems.

A shame we never did get to hear what he’d pulled out of his record collection to return the favour from that never to be forgotten Halloween hammering of 5under1and.

The funniest thing is that I think he really does believe that he is a good manager. Just like certain others such as Allardyce, O’Neill and Souness, they talk a good game and act as though they have this glittering array of trophies on their managerial CV.

I’ve never forgiven the traitor from fifteen years ago, Newcastle United 5 Manchester United 0 and as the ‘neutral’ pundit sitting there were a face like a smacked backside, had the nerve to suggest that if the Mancs had been awarded a penalty at 1-0 it would have been a different story.

Yes Steve, it would have been 5-1.

I wouldn’t mind what he got up to but he insists on playing the ‘Geordie card’ at times.

The last laugh has indeed been ours and all that’s left to say is ‘Thanks for the memories Steve’.

  • Ozymandias

    i think you’ll find that Steve Bruce is laughing. he’ll turn it around in his head and say “I got paid millions, I’m a Geordie and I really fucked them lot up!”. He’s laughing long and he’s laughing hard. And that’s a fact-ish!

  • Anonymous

    He was waiting to be sacked and wanted to be sacked in the end if you listen to post matches interview. I guess he can buy himself a nice big turkey with his pay off!

  • Patharty51

    …….and the red-faced man from La Manca thinks the supporters got him sacked. What supporters? They were all in the pub, ask Mrs Doubtfire. Sir Alex needs to realise that the bent-nosed, as-much-a Geordie-as-Sting, Greggs supporting b****rd got sacked ‘cos the SMB were sh1te. Shame really, ‘cos he would’ve taken them down again.