Issue 240 – 24 October 2009

Kevin Keegan. This is a name that is now synonymous with Newcastle United, despite lifting League Titles, European Cups and suchlike at Liverpool and Hamburg.

A great player and manager for us, recent years were not so happy for any of us as Kevin ended up in the middle of the chaos that reigned at St.James’ Park.

Following Kevin Keegan’s successful tribunal appearance against Mike Ashley and Newcastle United, top Mag writer Colin Whittle examined how this great United figure ended up in conflict with the club.

Could anybody really rely on Dennis Wise over Kevin Keegan….read on.

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GToon 5pts

It's taken them 5 minutes to sack their manager, identify who they want, talk to him and have him signed up. By the time we realize maclaren isn't up to the job we will be relegated. We don't attract the best anymore. Wonder who's door that lies at. What the betting the mackems get a decent bloke in and climb the table too.

Peter062 5pts

Let's not forget that Liverpool have won about 40 major trophies since we won the Fairs Cup in 1969.  

Hez 5pts

Most clubs in England would love that trophy hall over the last 25 years, I know all NUFC fans would. Liverpool are a big club, world wide appeal, perhaps not as big as in their distant past but still bigger than NUFC in numerous different ways. Quite like Carragher and G Neville as a pundit, sometime speak crap but all do, but generally their show on a Monday night is very good. Think the quotes a bit tongue in cheek, we have got a poor managerial record over the years

Brownale69 5pts

Did we sack the manager? I thought last one left for MORE ££££££ why didnt he say that? Liverpool are a big club we sold them Carroll for megabucks!! thats the best bit of business ever!

jimblag 5pts

Good article, however Liverpool are a big club. They won the Champions League only ten years ago, there are bigger clubs and there have been times they've been bigger. They are unarguably a "big club" though. 

Bearsize 5pts

I have always found jamie is the only pundit who sticks up for nufc. He understands the fans and what we are going through on a week to week basis. I see this comment as a pop at the club but not the fans which is the most important thing here. Over the last couple of years he has went against other pundits views in debates to back our corner and slagged ashley off countless times and said we are the best fans around. So you can see why i unfortunately read this article with a pinch of salt. Jamie is just venting about his club, something we all do ;)

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson 5pts

Well I don't think we can really afford to get into an argument with Liverpool over the 'big club' debate.

However welcome to mediocrity Jamie, you are truly an arse.

wivawova 5pts

@Paul Patterson 

If Liverpool were anything other than mediocre, then we wouldn't be having this discussion.  After all, how many times did Carragher, a mediocre defender, appear for them?

If he had been up against Lawrenson, Hansen etc for a place in the team he wouldn't have got a look in and would probably have been shipped out to Wearside pretty early in his playing career.

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson 5pts

@wivawova @Paul Patterson  Agreed. He was a steady player, no fuss, no superstar and that's what I liked about him.

I put him in the same bracket as Aaron Hughes for us, would cost a lot to replace, but it wouldn't necessarily be for the better, so stick with what you have. We went on to buy an awful lot of rubbish after Sourpuss sold him and at great cost.

However, back on Carragher, he needs to worry about Liverpool, as their ambitions are far loftier than ours and not easy to achieve.